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Who’s watching what, Weeks 15, 16 and 17

As in-person convenings across the country have been rendered impossible due to the coronavirus pandemic, organizations have taken to the internet to connect with supporters and expand their reach. Since the start of the pandemic, Jewish Insider has compiled statistics, released weekly, on the webinars and online events being held across the community.

Weeks of June 26-July 16:

  1. 2,113 — Jews United for Democracy and Justice and Community Advocates, Inc., 7/15: “Will the Republican Party Recover?” feat. George Will and Larry Mantle
  2. 1,443 — Jews United for Democracy and Justice and Community Advocates, Inc., 7/8: “Practitioner’s Prediction: How Pros View the November Election” feat. Lynn Vavreck and Mike Murphy
  3. 1,377 — Jews United for Democracy and Justice and Community Advocates, Inc., 7/1: “America at a Crossroads” feat. Jonathan Greenblatt and David Lehrer
  4. 1,292 — American Jewish Committee, 7/16: “Remembrance and Justice: A Special Conversation with the President of Argentina, H.E. Alberto Fernandez, on the 26th Anniversary of the AMIA Attack”
  5. 970 — American Jewish Committee, 6/30: “Race in America: The Faith Perspective” feat. Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory
  6. 930 — American Jewish Committee, 7/14: “Up For Grabs? Jews and the Democratic Party”
  7. 887 — The Forward, 7/13: “Five Yiddish Comedians Walk Into a Zoom…”
  8. 870 — Israel Policy Forum, 6/30: “Annexation: What’s Next For the Pro-Israel Community” feat. Yossi Klein Halevi
  9. 762 — Anti-Defamation League, 7/9: “Fighting Hate from Home: Passing Georgia’s Hate Crime Law” feat. Roy Barnes, Maya Prabhu, Gene Rackley and Allison Padilla-Goodman
  10. 747 — J Street, 7/1: “Israeli and American Legislators Against Annexation”
  11. 703 — American Jewish Committee, 7/1: On the Frontlines of Pro-Israel Advocacy”
  12. 697 — The Forward, 7/13: “An Interview with Cory Booker”
  13. 690 — The Forward, 7/8: “An Exit Interview with Amb. Dani Dayan” 
  14. 650 — American Jewish University, 6/15: “Why a Palestinian Writes in Hebrew” feat. Sayed Kashua
  15. 646 — Israel Policy Forum, 7/7: “After July 1, Annexation Update” feat. Shira Efron and Nimrod Novik
  16. 641 — American Jewish Committee, 7/9: “Antisemitism, Racism and Religion in Times of Crisis: A Conversation with Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur
  17. 613 — American Friends of Lubavich, 7/16: “Zoom Book Event” feat. Hon. Stuart Eizenstat and Dr. Tevi Troy
  18. 610 — American Jewish Committee, 6/26: “The Union Nations at 75: What Role in U.S. Foreign Policy?”
  19. 586 — American Jewish Committee, 6/29: “Migration, Security and Combating Antisemitism: The Way Forward for Europe”
  20. 556 — American Jewish Committee, 7/6: “Inside Vatican Diplomacy: Antisemitism, Israel and the Middle East”
  21. 550 — Jewish Council for Public Affairs, 7/9: “Unpacking the Discourse on Policing and Public Safety” feat. Carmen Best, Rev. Jeffrey Brown and Adam Gelb
  22. 537 — American Jewish University, 7/7: “Confronting the Pandemic: Anxiety” feat. Dr. Gail Saltz and Rabbi Sherre Hirsch
  23. 473 — American Jewish Committee, 7/10: “The View from the House: Representatives Don Beyer and Pete Olson on the NO HATE Act”
  24. 399 — American Jewish University 6/29: “Judaism’s Influence on the Founding of American” feat. Dr. Bruce Powell
  25. 388 — Jewish Democratic Council of America, 6/30: “What Annexation Would Mean for the US-Israel Relationship” feat. Ambassador Dan Shapiro and Reps. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and Brad Schneider (D-IL)
  26. 346 — American Jewish University, 7/10: “Einat Admony Presents Flavors of the Shuk”
  27. 319 — American Jewish University, 7/6: “Land of Milk and Funny: A Conversation with Avi Liberman & Deb Engel Kollin”
  28. 305 — American Jewish University, 7/7: “Justice We Shall Pursue: Racism, Protest and Police Reform: Views of a Law Enforcement Veteran” feat. Dr. Erroll G. Southers and Dr. Jeffrey Herbst
  29. 261 — American Jewish Committee, 6/30: “Remote ACCESS: Strategic Overlook at the Lebanese Border”
  30. 250 — J Street, 7/15: “On Zionism: Looking at History through Personal Narratives”
  31. 236 — J Street, 7/8: “Inside the Israeli Task Force Fighting Annexation”
  32. 231 — American Zionist Movement, 6/30: “Tachles: Hebrew Zoom Classes”
  33. 200 — JWed, 7/9: “How to Find Love in a Pandemic” feat. Julie Spira
  34. 197 — J Street, 6/30: “Annexation and the Erosion of Israeli Democracy” 
  35. 189 — J Street, 7/14: “Resetting American Foreign Policy in a Biden Administration”
  36. 182 — American Zionist Movement and I24, 6/30: “I24 Keynote: Spotlight on AZM Organizations”
  37. 171 — Jewish Democratic Council of America, 7/14: “COVID Future: Returning to Work and School?” feat. Jeremy Konyndyk and Melissa Boteach
  38. 168 — Hillel International, 7/8: “Showing Up for Black People in White Spaces” feat. Julie Lythcott-Haims
  39. 167 — J Street, 7/2: “The Day After July 1: Where Does the Anti-Annexation Movement Go From Here?”
  40. 144 — Consulate General of Israel in New York, 7/2: “Bringing Our Brothers and Sisters Back Home: The Story Behind the Secret Exodus of Ethiopians to Israel” feat. Dani Limor, Kasa Bainesay-Harbor, Raffi Berg and Joshua Washington
  41. 143 — JWed and the Marriage Minded Mentor, 7/16: “Let’s Not Get Physical”
  42. 140 — The Forward, 6/30: “A Jewish Conversation on Pride Month”
  43. 141 — J Street, 6/29: “Structural Racism and Voter Suppression: A Conversation with Ari Berman and Leigh Chapman”
  44. 132 — J Street, 7/13: “The Continued Struggle for Racial Justice: A Conversation with Rep. Ayanna Pressley”
  45. 119 — American Jewish University, 7/14: “Recalibrating Professional Success During Uncertain Times” feat. Marco Greenberg
  46. 115 — American Zionist Movement, World Zionist Organization and the Canadian Zionist Federation, 7/8: “A virtual Beit Midrash about Israel’s society”
  47. 111 — American Jewish University, 7/15: “In the Age of Influence How Leading Voices Are Adapting?” feat. Chloe Makhani and Danielle Robay
  48. 111 — ELNET, 7/13: “U.S. and China: Bold Competition and Israel’s Balancing Act” feat. Alexander Pevzner
  49. 102 — American Jewish University, 7/1: “Grilling and Chilling, Kosher Style: Just in Time for the Fourth!” feat. Dani Goldblatt
  50. 100 — American Jewish University, 6/30: “Crisis within a Crisis: Immigration During a Pandemic” feat. Dr. Robbie Totten and Professor David FitzGerald
  51. 58 — Maccabi USA 6/30: “Giving Back to the Community” feat. Dr. Marc Backal, Danny Goldberg, David Linn, Jordan Mann, Rebecca Mehra, Melissa Perlman, Dahlia Rappaport
  52. 48 — Maccabi USA 7/7: “Maccabi USA Sports Show Co-Hosted by Donna Orender and Arnie Fielkow” feat. Joanne Pasternack and Andrew Brandt

All figures are verified by Jewish Insider prior to publication. To be considered for future reports, email [email protected]

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