Daily Kickoff: Day 6 in search for kidnapped boys | How Yeshiva University Lost $1B | US, Iran close to a deal? | NY Mistrial – No Yiddish Translation

By Jacob Kornbluh & JI Staff

DEEP DIVE: “How To Lose $1 Billion: Yeshiva University Blows Its Future on Loser Hedge Funds” by Steven I. Weiss in TakePart: “What they couldn’t have known… a decade ago was that the real danger in Yeshiva’s new leadership was not to the school’s spiritual welfare but to its very existence. Over the years to come, the new leadership at Yeshiva would ramp up risk in the school’s investment portfolio, vastly increase spending, and do little to insure against a rainy day. When rainy days did arrive, with the global financial meltdown of 2008, Yeshiva was heavily exposed. Today, its finances are overwhelmed by a sea of red ink. According to a recent announcement by credit ratings agency Moody’s, the school will run out of cash next year. (more…)

Jewish Individuals are the Wealthiest in 11 out of 50 States

According to the recent infamous Pew study, overall, Jews make up about 2.2 percent of Americans. Despite this low number, 12 percent of all US Senators are Jewish in addition to 33 percent of current Supreme Court Justices. Now according to a new report by Wealth-X, the single wealthiest individual in 22 percent of States in America is Jewish.


Sheldon Adelson – Nevada

Theodore Lerner – Maryland

Richard Cohen – New Hampshire

Anita Zucker – South Carolina

Michael Bloomberg – New York

Micky Arison – Florida

Samuel Zell – Illinois

Michael Dell – Texas

Lawrence Ellison – California

Leslie Wexner – Ohio

David Tepper – New Jersey




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