A look back at 52 weeks of Zoom rankings

In March 2020, as in-person events were rendered impossible by the then-nascent COVID-19 pandemic, Jewish Insider began cataloguing the new world of virtual gatherings, held over a variety of streaming platforms. From organizations holding weekly, scheduled “Zoominars” to large-scale holiday celebrations, events that were once limited to those in a specific location were suddenly opened up to anyone around the world.

In many cases, virtual events provided an opportunity for organizations to continue to engage with their constituencies. But the shift to a virtual community provided an opportunity for smaller organizations and collectives that lacked the access or funding to book big-name speakers for events. With many of the nation’s top Jewish thinkers and policy experts — largely based on the East Coast — no longer able to travel, they addressed virtual forums from Illinois to Minnesota to California, beaming into homes and onto phones around the country.

Jewish Insider broke down the numbers and looked at which events topped the charts each of the past 52 weeks:

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