RJC Ad Ridicules Dems for Anti-Israel Tone at Convention

The Republican Jewish Coalition on Friday released a 60-second ad that highlights the display of a Palestinian flag on the floor of the convention and the burning of an Israeli flag outside the convention hall to make a point that today’s Democratic Party is less supportive of Israel than in the past.

“Anti-Israel Democrats are on full display at the democratic convention,” the ad states. “While the Palestinian flag was waving inside the Democratic convention, the israeli flag was burned right outside.”

The Hillary Clinton campaign condemned the act.

The RJC ad seeks to tie Clinton to the few anti-Israel voices in her party. “Sadly, this isn’t the old Democratic Party,” the ad concludes, “It’s today’s Democratic Party.”

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks added in a statement, “While strong support for Israel was once a bi-partisan issue, after this week it’s clear a vocal and growing number of Democrats no longer believe in our crucial alliance. From a Democrat Congressman calling Jewish settlers ‘termites,’ to burning the Israeli flag outside while the Palestinian flag flew on the convention floor, today’s Democrat Party has shown it’s moved far out of the mainstream for pro-Israel, Jewish American voters.”

Former Congressman Barney Frank, speaking at a “Jewish Roundtable” hosted by the Hillary campaign and the DNC on Thursday, disputed the claim that anti-Israeli activists have hijacked the Democratic Party.

“The notion that there is a significant anti-Israel sector of the Democratic Party – over and above legitimate criticism – from support of Israel was repudiated by the fact that nobody tried to raise it on the floor,” Frank, who co-chaired the party’s Standing Rules Committee, said. “Yes, there were individuals who made those points, but they were in such a small minority, and even Sen. Sanders, he did not try to get rid of it.”

In stark contrast to the Republican convention in Cleveland, Israel was hardly mentioned in speeches at the Democratic convention. Former President Bill Clinton mentioned Israel when discussing Hillary’s adoption of an education program first started in Israel, and Hillary’s own mention of supporting Israel’s security in her acceptance speech got mild applause – as opposed to the outburst of cheers to the line – by Rev. William Barber II – “When we love the Jewish child and the Palestinian child … we are reviving the heart of our democracy.”

Asked to respond to critics that Israel was hardly mentioned at the convention, Frank told Jewish Insider: “As opposed to what – Britain, France? What country was mentioned more? It’s not an issue; it wasn’t mentioned because support is broad. Was any other country mentioned more? Was NATO mentioned? Was Latin America mentioned? Are Jews supposed to get a special mention that nobody else got? No! What I think we got was a platform that reaffirms support and most of the issues were on differences, and there’s not a big difference on Israel between the parties.”

Watch the ad here:

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