Poll of Israelis: Hillary Leads Trump 40-30

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s latest stream of controversial comments may have also cost him the support of the Israeli public, even more than his suggested “neutral” approach on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And the AIPAC speech did not help him.

According to the Israel Democracy Institute’s monthly Peace Index poll published on Tuesday, 30 percent of Israeli Jews think Trump is the preferable presidential candidate from the standpoint of Israel’s interests, while 40 percent think Hillary Clinton would be better for Israel. Last month’s poll showed that 34% of the Jewish-Israeli public thought a Republican president will be better for Israel, compared to 28 percent who thought so regarding a Democratic president.

Clinton also leads Trump 43-24 as the preferable candidate from a U.S. standpoint.

Trump leads Clinton 28-10 as the candidate who will be a better president from the standpoint of Israel’s interests among Israeli Arabs. 36 percent see Clinton and Trump as good to the same extent.


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