Trump Wants To Sell Faulty Missiles to Iran

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested on Sunday that the U.S. should lift economic restrictions to fool Iran into purchasing faulty missiles.

“When we hand them 150 billion dollars, we should take the prohibition off for a little while,” Trump told thousands of supporters during a campaign rally at a airport hanger in Rochester, New York, on Sunday. “We will sell them missiles that don’t work correctly. Right? Let them sue us. ‘Oh, I’m sorry they don’t work. Gee, that’s too bad.'”

“We will take in about 12 billion for missiles and they will say, ‘These missiles are terrible.’ And I will say, ‘Yup, that was the purpose of it,'” ️Trump suggested. According to the Republican presidential front-runner, allowing Iran to buy missiles from the U.S. would result in getting back part of the money released as part of the nuclear deal while preventing Iran from purchasing deadly weapons from other countries.

In a recent interview with the NY Times, Trump said he would never have allowed Iran to get access to its frozen assets that reportedly amounts to $150 billion under any circumstances. “I would’ve never allowed that to happen,” he told the NY Times. “They are now rich, and did you notice they’re buying from everybody but the United States? They’re buying planes, they’re buying everything, they’re buying from everybody but the United States. I would never have made the deal.”

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