Trump to Address AIPAC

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has confirmed his attendance at AIPAC’s Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., later this month, AIPAC announced on Friday.

The 2016 AIPAC Policy Conference is scheduled for March 20-22. Plenary sessions will take place at the Verizon Center.

AIPAC extended invitations to all of the current presidential candidates. So far, only Hillary Clinton and Trump were confirmed as speakers at the gathering.

“Our Policy Conference is likely to be one of the few venues that these candidates will have to speak to a bipartisan audience between now and Election Day,” AIPAC said in an email. “We are delighted for AIPAC to serve as the venue for presidential candidates to share their perspectives, and we look forward to welcoming them.”

Trump recently came under heavy criticism for suggesting that he would take a “neutral” approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On Thursday, during the CNN presidential debate in Miami, Florida, Trump maintained, “There’s nobody on this stage that’s more pro-Israel than I am. I have [a] tremendous love for Israel.

A poll released on Friday shows a plurality of Israelis viewed Trump as the presidential candidate who will best serve Israel’s interests as president.

It should be noted that Trump’s national political director, Michael Glassner, served as AIPAC’s Southwest Regional Political Director before joining the Trump campaign last July. Read our profile of Glassner here.

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