Fritz Berggren, diplomat with racist and antisemitic blog, says he no longer works at State Dept.

The State Department continued to employ Berggren after his ties to the website were revealed in 2021

Fritz Berggren, a U.S. foreign service officer who for years has drawn the scrutiny of lawmakers, Jewish diplomats and senior State Department officials over a racist and antisemitic blog he publishes, said in a video posted to his website on Friday that he no longer works at the State Department.

At BloodAndFaith.com, Berggren frequently castigates Jews, Blacks, the LGBTQ community and immigrants, and uses biblical language to describe his vision of a Christian white ethno-state in America. 

On Friday, Berggren said that his career as a foreign service officer has ended after more than 15 years in the diplomatic corps. “This was at the demands of the Department of State,” Berggren said at the start of the nine-minute video, titled “The End of the Beginning.” Berggren added that he was “pushed out.” A State Department spokesperson confirmed to Jewish Insider on Monday that Berggren “is no longer employed” at the department but declined to share additional details.

Since Politico revealed Berggren’s ties to the blog in February 2021, State Department officials have declined to discuss the details of his employment. The department confirmed as recently as March that he was still employed at Foggy Bottom. 

In the video, Berggren spoke in a conspiratorial tone, blaming a shadowy “cabal” for ending his tenure at State. He heavily hinted that he placed the blame on Jews — and compared himself to Jesus Christ in the process.

“I’ve been pushed out of the Department of State. I was no longer welcome. It was a cabal of people with great strong allies, and they are called — you know what they’re called. I don’t need to tell you that. I get tired of hearing that myself. I know you do,” Berggren said. “I played by the rules. But the rules don’t apply to me. These are the hypocrites that Christ warned you about. Jesus Christ played by the rules, he didn’t break the law. The Jews condemned him to death anyway.”

He said he has filed appeals of the decision, to no avail, claiming that the State Department told him earlier this year that he had until May 31 to act a certain way or risk firing, but he did not say what the department’s demands included. Berggren alleged in the video that he was being targeted because of his Christian faith. 

“If you are a Christian in America and you say things that Jesus Christ said, you can be forced out of your employment, even though you’re a tenured whatever, government bureaucrat essentially is what I was, and there’s no recourse for that,” Berggren said. 

Last year, the then-president of the Foreign Service union told Jewish Insider that Berggren’s continued employment presented a threat to fellow department employees.

“If you’re a federal employee, are you able to say things that contradict the basic principles and values of your employment? We feel very strongly that you can’t,” Ambassador Eric Rubin, who served as president of the American Foreign Service Association until he retired last fall, told JI in June 2023. “It’s not OK to say that Jews and non-white people are subhumans. It’s not OK to say that there needs to be an insurrection against the federal government.” 

Berggren previously worked with Afghan immigrants and in Bahrain, but his recent placements have mostly remained unknown.

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