Trump: Nuclear Deal Turned Iran Into Dangerous ‘World Power’

The Iranian regime was on the verge of being eliminated as a threat to the U.S. and Israel before the nuclear deal was signed, Donald Trump said on Tuesday.

“The deal is one of the worst negotiated deals of any kind that I have ever seen,” the Republican presidential nominee said at a town hall event in Virginia. “What we have done is created a monster. If you take a look at Iran from four-five years ago, they were dying. They had sanctions. They were being choked to death and they were absolutely dying. They weren’t even going to be much of a threat. They didn’t have anything going and now they are a power. We have made them a power, overnight.”

According to Trump, Iran has become a world power after the nuclear deal and are “highly threatening to the state of Israel.”

“They are going to have nuclear weapons and this path, in my opinion, is going to be a quicker path to nuclear weapons,” Trump suggested. “The deal is grossly incompetent.”

Trump further charged that “Crooked Hillary Clinton wanted this deal,” which he said put Iran on “a shorter road to nuclear weapons.”

Asked by the moderator, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, what he’s going to do about Iran and the nuclear deal, Trump assured the crowd: “We will solve that problem if I get the chance, believe me. If I get the chance, you will be very happy. You will be very happy.”

While Trump spoke in Virginia, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine spoke in North Carolina where he asserted that Trump has no clue how to deal with Iran’s threat to international peace and stability in the Middle East. “We have no idea how Donald Trump would handle Iran – and frankly, neither does he,” Kaine said.

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