Clinton Leads Trump 69-19 Among Jewish Voters

Hillary Clinton would get the same share of the Jewish vote President Barack Obama got in 2012, while Donald Trump would match former President George W. Bush’s support in 2000, according to a new national poll published on Tuesday.

The Morning Consult poll, conducted from June 30 through July 4, showed Jewish voters prefer Clinton over Trump by a 69-19 percentage point margin in a three-way race with Libertarian Gary Johnson. In a head-to-head matchup, Clinton leads Trump 62-27.

Morning Consult’s Jewish sample was relatively small (54), given the size of the Jewish population when compared to other races in national polls.

The last scientific poll of 1000 Jewish voters, conducted by GBA Strategies for J-Street last year, showed Clinton leading then GOP favorite Jeb Bush 64 to 26 percent.

President Barack Obama got 69 percent of the Jewish vote in 2012, while Mitt Romney got 30 percent. In 2008, McCain got 22 percent, and George W. Bush got 19 percent in 2000.

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