Trump Will Support Israel ‘One Thousand Percent’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Tuesday he will support the State of Israel as president “one thousand percent.”

During a campaign rally in Sioux City, Iowa, Tuesday evening, Trump said, “We will support Israel one thousand percent.”

“Israel feels so left alone, and I know Bibi.. and a lot of my friends are from Israel and they feel so left out,” the Republican presidential hopeful said. “”I’ve so many Jewish friends who say why did I support Obama? I think he’s the worst thing that has ever happened to Israel.”

He declared, “We will support Israel beyond anything they’ve ever had before.”

Trump also criticized the Iran nuclear deal during his hourlong performance. “Point after point, we lost. We’ve lost everything,” he stated. “We gave them $150 billion. I tell somebody, they don’t have to develop a nuclear weapon, they can buy it. Why, the hell, should they develop it? They could buy. They’ve got so much money.”

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