Marc Goldman Believes Trump’s America is Great

Marc Goldman, a Boca Raton-based investor and RJC board member, supported Scott Walker and Marco Rubio earlier in the 2016 Republican primary. But later, after Donald Trump earned the Republican nomination, he became a strong supporter of the Trump/Pence ticket.

“I think it is all going according to expectations and the best I would hope for,” Goldman told Jewish Insider in a phone interview when asked to grade Trump’s performance so far ahead of the first 100-day mark. “I feel that in each arena that he has stepped up to he has shown change in direction for America. The enthusiasm generated amongst most working people and many business people will stand us in good stead – because people are starting to feel that government is with them, not against them.”

Grading Schumer: “Chuck Schumer has shown himself to be a terrible disgrace. I think that the Democrats are showing their lack of true caring for America by blocking things that they know they can’t block.”

On Trump’s Israel policy: “When he was running for office, Trump expressed his perspective based on the information that was available to him. Now that he is in a position to gather information independently, anyone who is good in business – as the President is – wants to get as much information as possible before you take action. It’s not a fire you have to put out immediately. It’s one thing to make a judgment when you are running for a judgeship. When you become the judge and you’re going to make serious decisions, then to at least hear what everybody has to say first, I think, is a very wise way of behaving.”

Q: Do you still believe Trump will move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?

MG: “I do. Since in the last eight years America has shown itself to be an unreliable ally, that would send a clear message to friend and enemy alike that the U.S. will stand up for what’s right.”

Q: Have you spoken to the President since the inauguration?

MG: “I have seen him a number of times. I belong to his golf course (Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach) and he’s been there a number of times either for lunch or for some of the dinners.”

Q: “Do you feel comfortable with Trump’s morning tweets?

MG: “I am totally comfortable with it. I think that he is a very effective communicator. We have seen things twisted or not covered at all by the media, and the fact that he maintains these means of communication with the people more directly, I think, is good.”

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