Trump Supporter Pushes Back Against Claim Trump is Fueling Anti-Semitism

One of Donald Trump’s prominent Jewish supporters on Thursday accused Hillary Clinton of being anti-Semitic, cursing out Jews in private conversations.

“I know people who’ve been victimized by this, people who worked for her who are Jewish who’ve borne the brunt of it, who’ve heard the way she curses out Jews every moment of the day,” Jeff Ballabon, a Republican activist and a supporter of Trump, said in an interview with the Nachum Segal Network on Thursday. “I mean she cannot go – literally, in the words of friends of mine who worked for her, she can’t go an hour without calling somebody a bleeping Jew or a bleeping Jew bleep, whether they’re Jewish or not. She uses the word ‘Jew’ as a curse.”

Ballabon made the claim while answering a question about Trump’s personal behavior and treatment of women during a debate with NYC Councilman David Greenfield, a Clinton supporter, on the radio’s morning program, JM in the AM.

“That’s just honestly the craziest thing  I’ve ever heard,” Greenfield said in response. “You can’t go on a national radio show, Jeff, and make public allegations that are unfounded against Secretary Clinton – there’s not a single person who’s made a public allegation that relates to anything that you’ve just said.”

“I challenge you to name one person of these supposed people that you spoke to that says that she’s made anti-Semitic remarks,” Greenfield continued. “It’s not true. No one’s ever accused her of being anti-Semitic, and no one’s ever accused her of saying things that are offensive to Jews in her private life, and the reason is because it’s never happened.”

Ballabon recently worked with the Trump campaign on drafting new language on Israel in the GOP 2016 platform.

Defending Trump, Ballabon argued that there’s “nothing Trump’s ever been accused of remotely that can touch the corruption of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation which right now is under investigation and which has enriched the Clinton family to the tune of $250 or $230 million dollars. I think having her in charge violates every possible concept of decent behavior that the Jewish community holds dear.”

While the charges against Clinton are completely unfounded, the Republican presidential nominee was, in fact, accused of fueling racism and anti-Semitism. “I’m not saying that Donald Trump is a racist or an anti-Semite but the racists and anti-Semites have come out of the woodwork during this political season to support him,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said back in June.

Trump has also been condemned for tweeting a montage of Hillary Clinton with a Star of David inscribed and a pile of money in the background, a meme first circulated by white supremacists.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment. Ballabon did not return an email asking if he stands by his remarks.

“Even for the Trump campaign, its silence on Jeff Ballabon’s assertion that Hillary Clinton ‘curses out Jews every moment of the day’ is shocking,” the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) said in a statement. “Ballabon, one of Trump’s biggest supporters in the Jewish community, must apologize to Hillary Clinton and her supporters – especially those of us in the Jewish community – for spreading such obvious and nasty falsehoods. That the Trump campaign still hasn’t condemned such comments from one of its top supporters in the Jewish community is unconscionable.”

Aaron Keyak, a Democratic consultant, challenged Ballabon to come clean and acknowledge Hillary’s relationship with prominent members of the Jewish community. “Ballabon doesn’t literally believe what he said is true, does he? What does he have to say to Sen. Joe Lieberman or Rabbi Menachem Genack, head of kashrus for the Orthodox Union, or the many other prominent supporters of Hillary Clinton in the Jewish community? Ballabon should know better,” Keyak told Jewish Insider.

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