Former HI Governor: Unlike Democrats, GOP United on Israel

On the first day of the Republican convention in Cleveland, with fewer traditional Republican Jews in attendance, former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle suggested that support for the Republican presidential ticket will increase given the party’s united stance on Israel.

“On one issue after another, from Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) to the Iran nuclear agreement and the very legitimacy of Israel, they are divided, with those who don’t care about Israel getting stronger, ” Lingle said during Monday’s afternoon session of the Republican National Convention at the Quickens Arena.  “You will find no such divisions in the Republican Party’s leadership.”

Lingle, who is Jewish, pointed to the GOP platform’s new language on Israel,  unanimously approved by the party’s platform committee last week, as proof that the Republican Party is the home for Jewish voters in the November election.

American Jews, the former Hawaii Governor stressed, in five of the last six presidential elections have supported the Republican candidate by increasing numbers. “The support for Republican presidential candidates by American Jews have tripled over the past twenty-five years,” she said.

Though she urged Republicans to support the Republican ticket, Lingle made no mention of Trump’s stance on Israel. Instead, she blasted President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy. “Clinton and Obama have treated our allies as strangers, insulted their leaders, and ignored their advice and interests,” said Lingle.


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