Poll: Majority of NY Jews View Clinton Unfavorably

Hillary Clinton’s favorability ratings among Jewish voters in New York has dropped into negative territory since clinching the Democratic nomination in early June.

According to a new Siena Research poll, published on Thursday, 45 percent of Jewish voters in New York view Clinton favorably, while 52 have an unfavorable view of her. In last month’s poll, Clinton was viewed favorably by 53 percent and unfavorably by 44 percent.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s -7 negative rating is way better than her 16-point negative rating (37/53 favorable/unfavorable) in February.

Trump, meanwhile, continued to improve his standing among New York Jews, albeit rather slowly. Only 25 percent view Trump favorably, while 69 percent continue to have an unfavorable view of him. But the numbers are slightly better than his 24/74 favorable/unfavorable rating in last month’s poll and 19/77 in April.

Clinton also leads Trump 52 to 33 percent in a head-to-head matchup among Jewish voters in the State of New York, down from a 55-29 percentage point margin last month.

In 2012, President Barack Obama beat Republican Mitt Romney among Jewish voters in New York by a 52-41 percentage point margin, according to the RJC’s exit poll.

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