Cruz Shows Off ‘Pastrami on Rye’ During Campaign Stop in Indiana

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz did all the mitzvahs needed to court Jewish voters in the Republican presidential primaries. He spoke at shuls during Shabbos services, printed red yarmulkes for his Jewish supporters, and even took a shot at baking matzos during a tour at a matzah bakery in Brooklyn two weeks ago.

On Thursday, a day before the Jewish Holiday of Passover, the Republican presidential hopeful took a page from John Kasich’s playbook and ordered a kosher-style “pastrami on rye” during a campaign stop in Indianapolis.

Following a campaign rally, Cruz greeted some 300 supporters at Shapiro’s Delicatessen, a Kosher-style delicatessen that has been serving the Indianapolis community for 110 years, ordered a “pastrami on rye with brown mustard” and showed it off to the press and the crowd, according to The Indianapolis Star.

According to the report, Cruz spurning the corned beef. “Ted! Get the corned beef!” a supporter called out to the presidential candidate. But Cruz took a recommendation from deli owner Brian Shapiro for pastrami. “His supporters still cheered as Cruz held up his chosen sandwich to show the packed crowd,” the publication noted.


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