Cruz: Vote for Trump If You Support the Iran Deal

Barnstorming the state before the critical primary in the Hoosier State, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz insisted that he still has a path towards winning the nomination if he loses on Tuesday.

“I am in for the distance. As long as we have a viable path to victory, I am competing until the end,” Cruz told reporters in Osceola, Indiana, following a retail stop. “This isn’t about me. It isn’t about Donald Trump or any of the candidates. This is about our country and our future.”

After predicting an upset in tomorrow’s primary, Cruz made the point that voters are facing a basic choice between himself, a candidate who stands with Israel and is committed to “rip to shreds” the Iran nuclear deal, to candidates “who will continue to abandon Israel.”

“Both Hillary in Donald say they will keep in place this Iranian nuclear deal,” Cruz told reporters. “If you agree with the Iranian nuclear deal; if you think it’s a good idea to send $150 billion to Ayatollah Khamenei, a radical Islamist terrorist who chants ‘Death to America,’ then you should vote for Donald and Hillary. As president, I will rip to shreds this Iranian nuclear deal.”

“I think it’s high time we had a president who stands with Israel,” he added.

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Cruz argued that Trump and Hillary Clinton are the “flip sides of the same coin” on domestic and foreign policy issues alike. “[Trump] can’t criticize her on foreign policy because Donald agrees with Hillary Clinton that America should be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians, and he also agrees with Hillary Clinton that we should keep in place this disastrous Iranian nuclear deal,” Cruz told host Chuck Todd.

Cruz repeated that claim during a radio interview on Monday. “He said that if he were president he’d be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians… Both Donald and Hillary Clinton have said they would keep in place Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal,” Cruz told radio show host Greg Garrison on “The Garrison Show” Monday morning. “I think that is, profoundly, foolish and dangerous.”

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