Mike Bloomberg on Trump and Twitter

Former New York Mayor and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg shared his thoughts on President Donald Trump and reflected on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, including his own short-lived hope to run as an independent, also offering his advice to the President and Democrats going forward in a Tuesday night interview with Anderson Copper on CNN AC360.

The following are some highlights of Bloomberg’s interview:

Anderson Cooper: Is there any chance of you running for president? I mean, you seriously looked into it.

Michael Bloomberg: “I have said that I might run for the president of my block association… There’s no secret I thought about it. think there are enormous problems. It would be an honor if people thought I could do something about them. I’d love to have the opportunity to try.

AC: But you were willing to really invest in a run. I mean, I read as much as a billion dollars.

MB: “We had commercials made. We had lawyers on staff to get on the ballot. We did lots and lots of polling. And what we really found out, in the end, is that an independent cannot win.”

AC: Where do you see Democrats now?

MB: “They’re being pulled to the left. You saw Hillary being pulled to the left… I think she would have been a decent president. I said when I talked to the DNC that I had many disagreements with her and I’m not here to endorse her. Let me just say, I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, who is a very nice guy but I don’t think is the right person to be president of the United States for a variety of reasons which I talked about then. But Hillary never got a real message out. And Donald Trump.. had a saying, make America great again. I don’t know what again means, but America. That’s patriotic. And great — that’s a good word. And I thought it’s not quite that simple. But we do live in a world of 140 characters. And slogans matter. And it just — you don’t think that that’s what your decision is based on, but it predisposes you to want to really want to do something. I never understood… why Hillary couldn’t find somebody to give her a good tagline. That’s what she should have done I always thought.”

AC: I think, recently, you gave the chance that President Trump would be re-elected 55 percent…

MB: “Yes, sure, because — well, the incumbent always has an advantage. It depends what the world is like in 3 1/2 years. If the economy is good, he can — he had roughly 50 percent of the public vote, a little less, but in the right place. So, he got elected because of the Electoral College. But he had roughly half the people wanted him to be president. If it turns out that he’s OK, some of the half that voted against him because they thought he would be a disaster probably wouldn’t think that anymore. So, that would help him. Incumbents always have an advantage. And the Democratic Party is going to be torn apart by the left and the centralists.”

AC: All the investigations going on on Capitol Hill by the special counsel, do you believe there’s anything there?

MB: “I don’t know whether there’s there. But if there’s an allegation, you have to have a competent independent investigation that will either find something wrong or remove the cloud. It is very difficult to govern when there’s a cloud around you. Having said that, the president just has to get it out of his mind, stop tweeting and focus on running the government, and let the investigation go on because without that, he’ll always have this problem. And if he could get rid of it and he says there’s nothing to it, so I take him at his word. But he’s got to prove there’s nothing there. You can’t just say there’s nothing there. “

AC: Do you follow him on Twitter?

MB: “I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

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