De Blasio, Police Commissioner Blast Trump’s Budget Cuts

Re: Trump‘s cuts to anti-terror funds, NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill told Jewish Insider at a press conference in City Hall: “If you just take a look at the way the bomb threats are investigated and resulted in the arrest of a man out in St. Louis – that was done through the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is a joint federal task force. So, you know, as we go forward, we’re a resilient organization. Whatever we need to do to keep New York City safe, we’ll do that, but this is a tremendous amount of money, and we need every penny of it to help keep New Yorkers safe.”

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio added:“I think the ability of the NYPD to fight terror is directly connected to all of the ways it has presence in this city. The Commissioner laid out a number of the pieces that allow the NYPD to be very present, very visible, ready, well-trained, etc. We obviously use a lot of those same approaches when we see anything happening around the world that suggests there may be an attack on any community. So, we’ve talked about this before – when there’s an attack on a Jewish community anywhere in the world, we recognize that as a potential dangerous signal and we reinforce locations, and a lot of that is funded with the same resources.”

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