Biden Says He Was Hillary’s Senate Rabbi

Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday claimed that he had served as Hillary Clinton’s rabbi before she decided to run for the presidency.

“When she came to the Senate, I was what they facetiously referred to in Senate as her rabbi” Biden said at an outdoor campaign rally for Democratic Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto in Las Vegas.

“I have known Hillary for over 30 years. Everybody knows she’s smart and she’s tough. Everybody knows that. But you know what else I know about her, but she has not yet been able to break through and show: I know her heart. I know her heart. When she was the Secretary of State, she came and had breakfast at my home every single Tuesday morning for an hour and a half. And when she came to the Senate, I was what they facetiously referred to in Senate as her rabbi. I was the one who got her on committees. No, for real. We’ve been close friends, and I know how much she cares.”

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