Clinton: U.S. is Not ‘Being Played’ by Iran

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday strongly defended the Iranian nuclear deal, insisting that the United States is not being played by Iran.

“I think we have enough insight into what they’re doing to be able to say we have to distrust but verify,” Clinton said at a “commander in chief” forum in New York hosted by NBC.

“If they cheat, will you have any course of action other than a military course of action? Would you enter into negotiations again ? Would you go back to economic sanctions knowing they cheated and are then closer to a nuclear weapon?” the host Matt Lauer asked.

But instead of giving a clear answer as to how she would respond to Iran’s violations, the Democratic presidential candidate pointed to her role in rallying the world’s major economies to build a crippling sanctions regime that led to Iran coming to the negotiating table and paved the way for the Iran nuclear deal. “I put together the coalition,” she stressed. “We imposed the sanctions. We got them to the negotiating table. And after I left, we got the agreement. That agreement put a lid on their nuclear weapons program and imposed intrusive inspections. I have said we are going to enforce it to the letter.”

According to Clinton, thanks to the deal she will be able to keep her focus on the Iranian regime’s ballistic missile program, support for terrorists, and involvement in instability in the Middle East, if elected as president. “I would rather as president be dealing with Iran on all of those issues without having to worry as much about their racing for a nuclear weapon,” she asserted.

“So we have made the world safer; we just have to make sure it’s enforced,” Clinton concluded.

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