Poll of Israelis: Trump is Most ‘Pro-Israel’ Candidate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are considered the most pro-Israeli presidential candidates by the Hebrew-speaking Israeli public, a new poll published on Wednesday showed.

According to the poll, conducted by Dialog for the Ruderman Family Foundation, 33 percent of Jewish Israelis think Donald Trump is the most “pro-Israel” U.S. presidential candidate, while 31 percent think the same of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Only 6% of the Israeli public think Senator Ted Cruz is the most pro-Israel option. Senator Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish and lived in Israel for a while, fared worse than Cruz with 5 percent.

Only 1 percent named Ohio Governor John Kasich, largely because he’s not well-known to the Israeli public. 24 had no opinion or did not know.

“Israelis have a heightened concern over the outcome of the US presidential election since they know that the United States is Israel’s most important ally in the world,” Jay Ruderman, President of the Ruderman Family Foundation, said in a statement. “Israelis also understand that the American Jewish community plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the United States remains a strong defender of the Jewish State.”

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