Trump: Iran Could ‘Buy’ Nuclear Weapons

The ayatollahs in Iran can buy nuclear weapons from North Korea while sticking to the terms of the Iran nuclear deal, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested Wednesday.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Wednesday afternoon, Trump said the U.S. just gave the Iranians “the greatest deal – one of the greatest deal in the history of countries” by released $150 billion in sanctions relief. “We made them a powerful, rich nation. They are going to – now – have nuclear [weapons]. They don’t even need to waste their time making it. With the money we gave them, they can buy nuclear,” he suggested. “Why are they going to make it? They can buy whatever they want.”

“You don’t think North Korea is calling them, ‘Help, help, help. We need some money. We will give you some nukes?'” Trump asked rhetorically.

In his opening statement during Tuesday night’s GOP televised debate in Las Vegas, Trump said that he would never have made “that horrible, disgusting, absolutely incompetent deal with Iran where they get $150 billion.”

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