Recap: How The 2016 Hopefuls Did With Hanukkah Wishes

The 2016 presidential candidates took it to Twitter to wish the Jewish community, each on their own way and fashion, a Happy Hanukkah as the Festival of Lights kicked off Sunday at sunset.

The first was Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who released a 239-word statement, citing the Talmud and highlighting the similarities between miracles of the past to the challenges we face today. “Today, the Jewish people, together with freedom-loving people around the world, once again find their religious faith and liberty under attack from radical forces of oppression and intolerance,” said Cruz. “Whether it is the BDS movement on college campuses, anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, or radical Islamic terror in Israel and around the world, we need modern-day Maccabees to stand together and push back against the forces of evil. As a nation founded by a people seeking religious liberty, America stands with the Jewish people both at home and abroad in protecting the light of faith and liberty.”

“On these nights when Jewish families around the country and the world celebrate with latkes, lighting the menorah, and playing dreidel, Heidi and I join with you to recognize, ‘Nes Gadol Hayah Sham,’ a great miracle happened there,” he added.

Rick Santorum tweeted a picture of a menorah with only 7 burning candles and no shammes (the extra candle used to kindle the candles of the menorah). The banner also had the Hebrew translation of Happy Hanukkah all mixed up and the letters in wrong order.

Ben Carson took the extra mile in recording a 28-second video clip, saying he’s “inspired by the story of triumph over darkness.” He also tweeted a gif of an all-lit menorah.

Jeb Bush added a banner of just 8 flames atop of 8 candles with an added signature.

Marco Rubio came close to perfection as he attached a banner that features a half menorah with a Magen David star along a short message: “Wishing a happy and joyful Hanukkah to all those gathering to light the menorah at sundown today.”

As a frontrunner, Donald Trump’s tweet had everything to be considered the leader of the pack. “May the Festival of Lights bring our Jewish friends from around the world, health & happiness! Happy Hanukkah!” Trump tweeted with an attached banner of a spectacular shining menorah, a Magen David and blue and white colors.

Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley tweeted personal messages with their initials signed at the end but no pictures or banners were attached.

Bernie Sanders, the only Jewish candidate in the race, tweeted a short “happy Hanukkah” tweet at around 8:00pm.

A “Jews for Sanders” accounted tweeted a banner, “Play Bernie Dreidel.”

Chris Christie retweeted a message tweeted by his official gubernatorial account.

John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Jim Gilmore and Lindsey Graham’s timelines are free of Hanukkah wishes. We could not check George Pataki’s timeline since this reporter is blocked by the former NY Governor.

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