Summary of Newly Released Israel-Related Clinton Emails

Jake Sullivan to Hillary: “Apparently you really kicked *ss at the Saban Forum. I’ve heard from a number of people.” (12-03-2011) FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton ‘concerned over Israeli democracy’ [BBC]

Hillary to Huma: “Can you call my berry?” in email re: AP report that UNESCO has reprimanded Israel’s envoy over a newspaper cartoon showing Israeli prime minister telling pilots to bomb the U.N. agency’s office after bombing Iran. (11-11-2011)

Clinton vents to friend Betsy Ebelingon about dealing with Netanyahu: “But, even the allure of Mother Moon in all her glory is unlikely to impress the PM. Everything is s000 hard and not nearly as gratifying as planting your garden.” (05-21-2001)

Hillary comments on report that Netanyahu sees Haaretz and NYT as Israel’s main enemies: “Further Bibi lore.” (01-21-2012)

Hillary calls it “very” interesting to Reuters report that Israel’s Foreign Minister Lieberman said he would not quit the coalition government if it decides to apologize to Turkey. (07-24-2011)

Bush letter to Sharon regarding settlement blocs wasn’t handed over during transition: Sullivan to Hillary: “Dan Shapiro responded by saying to the Israelis that nobody in the Bush administration indicated the existence of oral understandings to anyone in the transition — not to him, not to General Jones, not to you, not to anyone. Dan also said, “I’m sitting in Eliot’s chair and he never told me about them.” Bottom line — your statement that nobody in the Bush administration informed anyone in the Obama administration appears to be accurate. Your statement that these oral understandings are not memorialized in any way also appears to be accurate — Hadley refused to include them even in an informal binder of agreements passed on to the transition.” (06-06-2009)

Hillary asked: “Were any of the tenders for Arab housing?” as Israel approved 700 new apartments in three Jewish neighborhoods on the eastern side of Jerusalem. (12-28-2009)

Sid Blumenthal on Malcolm Hoenlein re: Obama not willing to help Iranian opposition: “You can underline Obama’s remark that “the world is watching” but put it in the more memorable form: “The whole world is watching.” On Bibi’s speech, given the Iranian crisis he is getting a pass for the moment. Good timing for him. Consequently, he is on a “I’m reasonable” tour, his favorability has skyrocketed in the latest poll by more than 20 points, and Malcolm Hoenlein is going around spreading the word that Obama cannot be trusted. The shortcomings of Bibi’s poison pill proposal should be pointed out as soon as it’s possible without complicating the Iranian crisis. Option: Pretend his statement in favor of two states is a new position (it’s in fact a reiteration of his detailed position before in more or less the same terms) but point out that his terms (his substance) would make impossible what he now says he favors. In other words, catch his transparently false and
hypocritical ploy not as false and hypocritical but as a contradiction in its own terms. Sid” (06-16-2009) FLASHBACK: Obama Warns Against Direct Involvement by U.S. in Iran [NYT] Netanyahu’s Bar Ilan speech on June 14, 2009 [Haaretz]

I love Sabra hummus–whatever that means!” (05-19-2011)

Wendy Sherman’s proposal on Israel/Iran: “Our focus is on our dual track approach of pressure and engagement. That approach has brought the world together today to condemn Iran’s actions, create consequences for those actions and to urge Iran to meet its obligations at the IAEA and to come clean on their nuclear program.” IF PRESSED: The President has said, as have presidents before him, that Iran acquiring nuclear weapons is unacceptable. Our entire focus now is on our dual track approach. IF FURTHER: Yes, all options are on the table though now focus is on dual track approach. Military action is not anyone’s preferred action in the first instance ever.” (11-18-2001) FLASHBACK: Clinton on GOP Criticism on Iran Policy: ‘Iran Cannot Be Permitted to Have a Nuclear Weapon [ABC News]

Hillary asks why U.S. is not so fast as Israel on Haiti assistance: “Questions arising from press reports: Why can Israel set up a full field hospital w operating rooms and the US military can’t/won’t and only offers surgery on the Carl Vinson which has to fly patients over and even flew Sanjay Gupta there to do an operation since they did not have a neurosurgeon? (01-18-2010)

Hillary wants her name on statement against Israel’s demolition of East Jerusalem hotel: “Do it in my name.” [AFP] (01-09-2011)

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