‘Further Bibi Lore’ – Summary of Newly Released Hillary Emails

Another batch of emails from Hillary’s personal server at the time she served as Secretary of State were released on Monday.

Combing through the many emails, we found some interesting conversations relating to Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu among others. Some of the emails, most recently from 2012, were deemed classified.

Among the achievements Hillary touts in speaking to a Jewish audience is the ceasefire she brokered between Hamas and Israel after Operation Pillar of Defense in November of 2012. “In an email dated Nov. 21, 2012, Sid Blumenthal writes, “Congrats on the ceasefire. Hope it holds. “It is what it is.” Bibi refuses a partner for peace, but has encouraged one for war. The logic, in the particular syllogism of the region: the enemy of my enemy (Abbas) is also my enemy but also my friend. Will make a good chapter in “Six (Seven, Eight…) Crises.””

At some point in the many email conversations with Blumnethal Hillary blamed “trolls” for issues with her blackberry. “There’s something about our calls that inspires the techno trolls. My berry went nuts and just started working again. I will call you tomorrow,” Hillary wrote in an email dated January 21, 2012. The same email contained a quote by Netanyahu telling The Jerusalem Post’s editor, Steve Linde, that “We have two main enemies…. The New York Times and Haaretz.” To which Hillary replied, “Further Bibi lore.”

Sid also called Netanyahu’s protest to the United States over comments by senior American officials critical of any Israeli attack on Iran part of “Bibi’s campaign (the part not funded by Adelson)” against Obama.

In one email, Hillary and her senior adviser Philippe Reines mocked a Stephen Walt column claiming pro-Israel Jews were suborning the NY Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren. “Had you seen this?” Hillary asked. “My people control the banks too,” Reines replied. “Really?” she asked mockingly.

Reines, who’s Jewish, also sent Hillary and staff on July 16, 2012, (the 25th of Tamuz) a translation to the “Ma Nishtana” questions, attributing it to Jordan Za[in] Wiener, the son of Anthony and Huma  – “one very special Jewish child who I know will go on to practice and further our rich traditions” – at his first Seder.

Note: Anthony Weiner tweeted that his son’s second name is “Zain”

hrc email wiener

An interesting email is one that is forwarded by Clinton donor Haim Saban from former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert after Hillary was treated for a blood clot in January 2013: “If you have a chance please pass my deep personal wishes to the secretary of state Clinton. I really was worried and concerned about her health and happy to know that she is out of hospital. Love you. Ehud.” Saban forwarded Olmert’s wishes to Huma Abedin: “When you see the secretary, pls co[n]vey Ehud’s best wishes to her. We are all relieved she got released from the hospital,and I’m cc’ing you Hillary, just in case you do get to your BB. All the best in the new year to yo[u] all and your families.”

“Pls respond to both,” Hillary advised Huma.

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