Undecided Donors Invited to ‘Free’ Reception with Jeb!

As Jeb Bush continues to plunge in the polls, facing fierce competition for donors by Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, one of Bush’s Jewish supporters is organizing a “free” reception for potential donors to meet with the candidates at a private country club in Greenwich, Connecticut.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Leora Levy, who serves on Jeb’s Jewish Leadership team, invited undecided donors to meet Bush in person for a first impression experience.

“Come meet Jeb Bush as my guest,” the e-mail, obtained by the WSJ, reads. “If you are still on the fence, however, I want you to come as my guest, no charge, and if so moved by hearing from Jeb in person, donate then. The important thing is that you come!”

The invitation also lists a tickets prices of $750 for young professionals (under 35) and $2,700 for supporters, while co-hosts are asked to raise $10,000 and co-chairs to raise $20,000.

“If people supporting other candidates or on the fence hear Gov. Bush, we think they will come to support him,” Levy told the WSJ in an interview.

Levy also served on the “Jewish Americans for Romney Coalition” in 2012. She currently serves on the finance committees of the Republican National Committee and the GOP Senate and House fundraising committees.

The Bush campaign has conceded several top Jewish donors and bundlers to the Rubio and Cruz campaigns. Former President George W. Bush was recently recruited to woo Jewish donors for his brother, which has had some impact on the fundraising total which ought to be disclosed by October 15th.

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