Jindal: GOP ‘Surrendered’ on Iran Deal

Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal slammed congressional Republicans for their inability to stop the Iran nuclear deal, describing them as a “surrender caucus.”

During a “teleforum” hosted by the Washington Examiner on Monday, Jindal called out the Republican leadership and his rivals for the presidency for a lack of fight against the Iran deal, among other policy debates over the past year. “This year, Mitch McConnell has already given up when it comes to .. stopping the bad Iran deal.”

“I think that what happened, the Iranians conned President Obama, and he conned the Senate Republicans. They never should have passed this Corker (Corker-Cardin Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act) bill,” the Louisiana Governor stated. “We’re now, instead of a 2/3 vote to approve the deal, it takes a 2/3 vote to reject the deal.”

Jindal also criticized some of his rivals in the Republican presidential primary for voting for the Corker-Cardin bill, essentially allowing the nuclear deal to pass. “Every Senate Republican except for Sen. [Tom] Cotton voted for that bad deal, including all these guys running for president like [Ted] Cruz, and [Marco] Rubio, and [Lindsey] Graham and [Rand] Paul,” he said.

“Here’s the reason: I think we’ve got a surrender caucus,” Jindal declared.

Cruz recently remarked that the Iran deal is becoming “the single most important issue” in the 2016 presidential election.

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