Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder Introduces The ‘Bernie Yearning’ Ice Cream

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is not only firing up some voters, as supporters call it ‘feeling the bern’, but he is also motivating some of his prominent supporters to come up with a new ice cream flavor.

Appearing on CNN, ahead of the Democratic TV debate on Tuesday in Vegas, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream co-founder Ben Cohen said he is fantasizing about a new ice cream flavor called “Bernie’s yearning” and “it would be a giant chocolate chip on top of the ice cream that covers the entire top” while the rest of the ice cream would be all mint.

“The giant chip on the top represents all the wealth that’s gone to the top 1 percent of the population over the past ten years. And the way you eat it is that you whack it with your spoon, and then you mix it around. That’s the Bernie Yearning,” Cohen told CNN’s Carol Costello.

Another idea, Cohen previously shared with Business Insider, would be called “Bernie’s Rebellion” that would include “some chocolate chips molded in the shape of a cap that you wear for graduation to symbolize his stance in favor of free college education and reduced student loan rates” and an “equal numbers of peanuts and pecans to symbolize his initiatives to reduce economic inequality.”

Cohen like Sanders is Jewish and a Brooklyn native. He and his partner Jerry Greenfield are early supporters of the Independent Senator’s presidential campaign. They also recently promoted the Iran nuclear deal in a fundraising effort by MoveOn.org.

“I’ve been a constituent of Bernie’s for the last 35 years. I’ve watched him during the upset when he won the mayoral contest. And he’s been incredibly consistent, plain talking,” Cohen explained his support of Sanders. “The guy had the interest of regular Americans at heart… What he’s saying is that we need to be more socially concerned about the benefits of the average man and woman on the street, as opposed to the corporations and the ultra wealthy.”

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