Poll of Israelis: Hillary Leads Trump 45-31

Hillary Clinton remains the favorite U.S. presidential candidate in the eyes of the Israeli public, a poll conducted by Israel’s largest news website, Walla News, showed.

According to the poll, released Friday morning, 45 percent of Israelis want Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, to get elected as president in the fall, while 31 percent prefer Donald Trump.

The poll, however, showed a closing gap between Clinton and Trump among Israel’s Jewish population, in which Clinton leads the presumptive Republican nominee 41 to 36 percent.

In the site’s March poll, Clinton led Trump 38-23 as the preferable candidate among general Israelis and 37-26 among Israeli Jews.

The poll also showed that 73 percent of Israelis rank President Obama’s handling of recent terrorist attacks in the United States as ‘not good.’

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