Poll of Israelis: Hillary Leads Trump 41-14

Israelis prefer Hillary Clinton as President of the United States over Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, a new poll released on Friday showed.

According to a poll conducted by Israel’s radio – Reshet Bet, 41 percent of Israelis want Hillary Clinton to get elected as president in the fall, while only 14 percent want Trump.

The poll showed Ted Cruz with 7 percent of support and Marco Rubio with 4 percent. Bernie Sanders, who spent six months volunteering at Kibbutz Sha’ar HaAmakim in Israel in the 60’s, was the preferred candidate for only 5 percent of Israelis. Among Israeli-Arabs, Hillary is preferred by 52 percent, while only 3 percent picked Trump as their preferred U.S. President.

Among Likud Party voters (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling party), Rubio’s support grows to 7 percent, the pollster added.

Examining Israelis’ attitude towards President Obama in his last year in office, 46 percent think Obama is more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israel. Only 13 percent think Obama is more pro-Israel, while 32 percent consider him neutral.

A similar poll, commissioned by Panel Politics for The Jerusalem Post in November, showed that 34 percent of Israelis say they would vote for a generic Democrat for president were they given the right to vote in 2016 while 30 percent would choose the Republican nominee. 36 percent were undecided.

Via Twitter/ Gil Lit man

Via Twitter/ Gil Lit man

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