Trump: Bibi Is ‘Devastated’ Over the Iran Deal

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of fire over what he described as being wrong in America in an over 90-minute campaign speech in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Thursday evening.

During his speech, which included personal insults on two of his closest rivals in the race, Trump also lashed out at Hillary Clinton, saying she was the “worst Secretary of State,” only to immediately draw it back.

“Probably John Kerry might go down as the worst because, honestly, Kerry made the Iran deal,” Trump said. “He may be the best thing that’s happened to Hillary; he made the most incompetent deal I’ve ever seen.” Later on, Trump came back to highlight’s Hillary’s record as Sec. of State. “Think of Hillary, every single thing that she touched turned to garbage. The entire Middle East in her rein and the rein of Barack Obama went to hell.” Adding, “It’s only going to get worse. I know Hillary, I am from New York.”

Trump also reiterated comments he’s made in the past about the President’s policy on Israel. “Israel has been treated so badly by Obama – it’s beyond belief — I’ve so many Jewish friends, and they are really good friends, and great people, and they supported Obama – it is almost like automatic, ‘Oh, we’re having a fundraiser’ — He’s been a horror,” the presidential hopeful said. “He is one of the worst things that has ever happened to Israel. President Obama is one of the worst things. I mean, that Iran deal — Bibi Netanyahu is a good guy – I actually did commercials for his reelection. I’m one of the only celebrities; he wanted me to do a commercial, I did a commercial, and he won. So, I am happy. Okay? — But he’s a good guy –and he’s devastated over that. That deal will lead to nuclear proliferation and made a terrorist nation rich.”

Over the next five minutes, Trump went on to criticize the deal in length, repeating statements he’s written in his book, “Crippled America,” over the matter. “I would’ve never given them back the $15o billion. I would’ve told them, ‘The money of off the table. Now, let’s negotiate,'” he stated. Adding that the deal shouldn’t have taken more than “a week, if things are bad.”

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