Rubio Defends Paul Singer Endorsement

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio recently defended his right to accept financial support from Jewish billionaire Paul Singer in a meeting with Evangelical pastors in Iowa.

According to a report by The Brody File, during a closed-door meeting arranged by the influential American Renewal Project in Iowa, several pastors expressed concern that Rubio would be beholden to the views of Singer as an influential donor on gay marriage. “When someone cooperates with my campaign, they are buying into my agenda. I am not buying into their agenda, and that has been very clear in my history,” Rubio told the pastors. “Mr. Singer has never, ever tried to change my mind or deeply discuss with me the issue. He knows where I stand on the issue.”

In a 2013 interview with the Washington Post, Singer said, “I believe marriage equality is critical to the future of individual liberty and the strength of the American family, and the Republican Party should stand for both.”

His endorsement of Rubio in October was considered a big deal. But it was also met with criticism by social conservatives.

“He’s quite frankly largely motivated in politics not so much by the marriage issue, he feels strongly about that issue and is on record as such. But the thing that actually motivates him in politics is his association with the Federalist Society, his belief in federalism and also his support of the state of Israel. To the extent that I’ve discussed [any] issues with him, those are largely the ones,” Rubio explained.

The Florida Senator joked, “I respect people who disagree with me. People have a right to be wrong! No just kidding.” Adding, “I respect people who disagree with me, but they don’t set my agenda for me. Never have and never will.”

Rubio promised never to change his position on traditional marriage. And for those that think Rubio will change his mind on marriage or the life issue? Well, he has some news for you. “That’s just not going to happen,” he declared. “I have never changed a political position for a campaign donor.”

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