Christie: Using Term ‘Radical Islam’ is ‘Clarifying’

Referring to the U.S. war on terror as confronting radical Islamic terrorism is more helpful than refraining from using that term, Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said on Tuesday.

Addressing the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington, DC, Tuesday, Christie said, “It seems like Mrs. Clinton won’t use the term ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ because she thinks, somehow, that this would be insulting to the rest of the Muslim world. I think it’s clarifying.”

“If you say you’re going to war with radical Islamic terrorism, then by definition you are not going to war with the rest of Islam,” he explained. “In my State, we have the 2nd largest Muslim-American community in the country. I’ve appointed Muslim-Americans to high-ranking positions to my administration and the judiciary. These are good faithful Americans. Confusion is only created by the use of euphemisms.”

Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in NYC Thursday morning, Clinton suggested that “repeating the specific words ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ is not just a distraction, it gives these criminals, these murderers, more standing than they deserve, and it actually plays into their hands by alienating partners we need by our side.”

Christie also criticized the Obama administration for minimizing the threat of ISIS and not being honest with the American people when it comes to the war against ISIS in Syria. “I would be fascinated to see the President go to Paris and speak to the families who lost their loved ones 12, 13 days ago and tell them that, ‘ISIS is just a group of killers who are good at social media.’ It’s fascinating to see the Secretary of State go to those Parisian families and tell them that, ‘ISIS is not 10 feet tall.’ This is just a transparent attempt to justify a failed policy,” the Republican presidential hopeful said. “The President should just admit he underestimated these folks. He underestimated the nature of the threat, the severity of the threat and to then come up with a strategy to be able to confront the greater threat often wrong, never in doubt.”

“The threat is not minimal and the actions and the words that try to characterize it as minimal or not only naive, but they are gravely dangerous. This is a cult of evil, and we can never allow this cult of evil, ever, to take hold in our country,” Christie added.

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