Bush Claims Clinton is Rewriting Her Record on Iran

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush renewed his criticism of the Iran nuclear deal following the conviction of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian by the Iranian regime.

Rezaian was convicted of espionage by the Iranian revolutionary court just over a year after he was detained by the Iranian government, along with his Iranian-born wife and two others, who’ve been released.

“After Obama’s terrible Iran deal and appeasement, am dismayed but unsurprised by Tehran’s conviction of Jason Rezaian,” Jeb Bush tweeted on Monday. “A travesty.”

Bush also published a video on Monday targeting Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, arguing that she has rewritten her record on Iran sanctions.

“Hillary Clinton has been taking a good share of the credit in recent days for the tough sanctions on Iran. But this State Department along with The White House worked hard to slow the pace of those sanctions and dilute them while they were going through Congress for the entire four years that Hillary Clinton led the State Department,” the video features a clip of a recent report on CNN. “Now she’s supporting the disastrous deal with Iran. Appeasement is not an accomplishment” a text appears on the screen with an image of Clinton in the background. The video ends with Bush declaring in a recent speech, “the damage must be undone by the next president, and it will be my intention to begin that process immediately.”

The video was a follow-up to a Twitter debate on Hillary’s record on Iran between Bush’s Communications Director Tim Miller and traveling Press Secretary Nick Merrill last Thursday.

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