Daily Kickoff: Carl Icahn makes case for Trump | Kissinger, Rice, Baker stay on sidelines | Kushner for NYC Mayor? | Mishiguene in Buenos Aires

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TRENDS: “Israel consults Arab powers in diplomacy push” by John Reed & Heba Saleh:“Amid mounting concerns among Sunni Muslim nations about Iran’s influence, particularly in conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, Israel is discreetly consulting on security with Arab powers, including those with whom it has no formal relations. “The Sunni Arab states increasingly see the Middle East through the same prism as Israel,” Dore Gold, Israel’s acting foreign minister, told the Financial Times. “We have our differences — let us be clear — but we face very similar problems,” he said.” [FinancialTimes]

“Defense Ministry Statement on Iran Deal Caught Netanyahu by Surprise, Aide Tells U.S. Envoy” by Barak Ravid: “Netanyahu learned about the Defense Ministry statement that criticized U.S. President Barack Obama from the media, his aide told U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro on Friday. Haaretz has learned that a senior aide to Netanyahu called Shapiro on Friday night and told him that Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman did not coordinate the statement with the prime minister and did not brief him on it. The aide told Shapiro that Netanyahu was surprised to learn about the remarks from the media, and mentioned the statement the prime minister’s bureau released shortly after.” [Haaretz]

Israel minister admits Iran has respected nuclear deal: “Israel’s energy minister on Sunday criticised a landmark nuclear accord between the Jewish state’s arch-foe Iran and world powers but said Tehran had so far respected the deal. “It’s a bad deal but it’s an accomplished fact and during the first year we spotted no significant breach from the Iranians,” said Yuval Steinitz, who is close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “But it’s still too early to conclude that this 12-year deal is a success,” he told public radio.” [France24]

“Why the President Needs a Council of Historians” by Graham Allison & Niall Ferguson:“The council might study whether a former president’s handling of another crisis could be applied to a current challenge (what would X have done?). Consider Obama’s decision to strike an imperfect deal to halt or at least delay Iran’s nuclear program, rather than bombing its uranium-enrichment plants, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hoped he might. Obama’s deliberations have significant parallels with Kennedy’s decision during the Cuban missile crisis to strike a deal with Nikita Khrushchev, rather than invading Cuba or learning to live with Soviet missiles off Florida’s coast.” [TheAtlantic]

LongRead: “How an Iranian’s Spy Saga Ends, 6 Years Later: He’s Executed” by David Sanger: “The American, Israeli and European search to understand the scope of Iran’s nuclear program — an intelligence effort that continues to this day — has taken many bizarre turns that have already become the stuff of books and film. And the drama of Mr. Amiri’s apparent double defection came in a summer of espionage efforts against Iran gone wrong. But few stories were as confusing, and at moments heart-rending, as Mr. Amiri’s. Among the side players was Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, who said as Mr. Amiri was returning to Iran: “He’s free to go. He was free to come. Those decisions are his alone to make.”” [NYTimes]

“Would Hillary keep John Kerry on?” by Michael Crowley: “Her senior advisor, Jake Sullivan, has recently wooed anti-Trump Republicans by telling them Clinton hopes to restore bipartisan consensus around foreign policy issues like Iran and Israel. Many Republicans see Kerry, a former Democratic Senator and presidential nominee, as more of a politician than a diplomat… Clinton might also turn to another senior State Department colleague: Wendy Sherman, who served as under secretary of state for political affairs until last summer… But she has few fans among Republican critics of the nuclear deal. Tapping Sherman could mean a tough Senate confirmation process—particularly if Democrats fail to win back the Senate in November.” [Politico]

Kaine on Meet the Press re: Iran cash payment: “This arrangement, the settlement of a claim with Iran, the payment of a portion of that settlement, hostages coming home, thank God, this was briefed to Congress and the American public months ago. The only thing new this week, the only thing new, is Donald Trump’s claiming to have seen a nonexistent video of cash being delivered to the Iranians… But look, you have two important issues. The first one is there was a legitimate claim against the United States. The United States bargained it down to a fraction. We’re making claims in international tribunals, and we’re having claims made against us all the time. We bargain it down to a fraction and paid a portion of the claim. And we got hostages home. Both of those things are appropriate. And I understand why Trump’s trying to make something out of it. But there’s just no ‘there’ there.” [NBCNews]

“Kaine, in Split with Clinton, Says Islamic State Airstrikes Lack Legal Authority” by Michael Phillips and Paul Sonne: “Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine said he didn’t believe the U.S. had legal authority to carry out airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Libya this week, underscoring differences over the issue with his running mate, Hillary Clinton. In contrast with Mr. Kaine, when Mrs. Clinton was asked during a Democratic debate in November whether she believed the 2001 authorization covers the fight against Islamic State, she answered: “It certainly does.”” [WSJ]

“Can Clinton corner Condi, Kissinger?” by Nahal Toosi: “Condoleezza Rice, James Baker, George Shultz and Henry Kissinger are among a handful of so-called Republican “elders” with foreign policy and national security experience — people who have held Cabinet-level or otherwise high-ranking positions in past administrations — who have yet to come out for or against Trump. A person close to Clinton said her team has sent out feelers to the GOP elders, although it wasn’t clear if those efforts were preliminary or more formal requests for endorsement, or if they were undertaken through intermediaries. “I think it is terribly disappointing,” said Robert Kagan, a prominent historian often described as a a neoconservative. “They are some of the most respected people in the country, as well as in the party, and their words would carry real weight. For them to sit this crisis out is, to me, a real abdication of responsibility.”” [Politico]

“Anti-Trump Republican Launching Independent Presidential Bid” by McKay Coppins: “Key players in the GOP’s anti-Trump movement are preparing to launch an independent presidential campaign for Evan McMullin — a CIA veteran and the chief policy director of the House Republican conference — sources close to the effort told BuzzFeed News.” [BuzzFeed]

Republican Martin Sweet on whether he’d support McMullin: “Too soon to tell. But Trump is a non-starter and while Hillary is theoretically okay on her own – tough to vote to empower the Obama anti-Bibi machine again.”

“Donald Trump’s Allies Battle for Favor of G.O.P. Givers He Mocked” by Nicholas Confessore: “Carl Icahn was late, but he still had something to say. Wedging himself around a table crowded with Republican donors at a Hamptons beach house, he jumped in as Senator Mitch McConnell described how important it was to hold on to the Senate this fall. It was important to help Republicans hold the Senate, Mr. Icahn told the room. But they were kidding themselves if they thought they could leave Donald J. Trump twisting in the wind. “We have to get behind Trump,” Mr. Icahn said, according to two people who attended the event, held shortly after the Republican convention in Cleveland. “We all have to come together.”” [NYTimes]

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BUSINESS BRIEFS: The head of Bloomberg’s $150 million VC fund Roy Bahat explains the formula for finding a top AI startup [BusinessInsider] • The Founder of The Information Jessica Lessin on What Media Companies Are Doing Wrong [Fortune] • Gawker, Hulk Hogan in Settlement Talks Over Invasion-of-Privacy Case: Talks come ahead of auction that will see Gawker founder Nick Denton lose control of the company he founded [WSJ

TALK OF THE TOWN: “Source: Jared Kushner’s Cousin Might Run Against Donald Trump Jr. in 2017 NYC Mayoral Election” by Brendan O’Connor: “Jon Kushner, cousin to Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, is considering a run for New York City mayor, a person familiar with the young businessman’s thinking told Gawker. “He’s always had political ambitions, but he’s not an asshole,” the person said. “They’re the good Kushners.” Earlier this week, over dinner at 2nd Avenue Deli, Kushner, 38, and a group of college friends discussed his mayoral prospects. “He wants to be mayor. It’s his dream. It’s a fantasy of his. His only reservation is that he’s still too young,” the person said.”[Gawker]

TALK OF OUR NATION: “How a Temple Mount Troublemaker Became an Advocate for Liberal Jews in Israel’s Knesset” by Judy Maltz: “The survivor of an assassination attempt by a Palestinian gunman almost two years ago, Yehuda Glick is an enigma of sorts. On the one hand, his battle to gain Jews free movement and equal prayer rights on the Temple Mount, one of the most volatile spots on earth, has earned him a reputation as a dangerous right-wing fanatic. On the other hand, on matters of religion and state, more often than not he finds himself siding with progressives in the center-left opposition.”

“He doesn’t see this as a contradiction. To the contrary, Glick says, the same logic that guides his position on the Temple Mount caused him to lash out against the ultra-Orthodox in the Mikveh Law debate. “People call me a zealot, and the truth is that I am an extreme fanatical zealot,” he says. “I’m an extreme fanatical zealot when it comes to supporting people’s rights to live differently, to behave differently and to think differently.”” [Haaretz]

KAFE KNESSET — Likud in the Shadows — by Amir Tibon & Tal Shalev: The talk of the town has been the “dark shadow” cast over the Likud party by the latest star member to join its ranks, Yoav Eliasi, a notorious rapper who goes by the stage name “The Shadow.” In recent years, Eliasi has railed against Arab Israelis, left-wingers, and journalists to an audience of 200,000 Facebook followers. Last week, Eliasi joined the Likud, with strong encouragement from the party’s chief troublemaker, MK Oren Hazan, himself a highly controversial figure. Eliasi declared that he wants to bring the Likud back to its core values: “Once, Likud was a right-wing party,” the rapper explained. “Today it is a zig-zagging party, you can’t tell right from left, and what the ideology is.”

Likud heavyweights have come out publicly against Eliasi, stating that extremists like him should not be accepted into the party. “The Shadow” wasn’t shy in hitting back. The first to come under fire was MK Benny Begin, the son of founding father and former Prime Minister Menachem Begin. “Who is he to preach to me? His daughter converted to Islam and his son throws rocks at IDF soldiers,” Eliasi retorted. (For the record: Begin’s daughter did not convert to Islam, and while he does have one son who is a radical left-wing activist, Begin is also a bereaved father – his son Yonatan was an IDF combat pilot who died on duty in the year 2000.)

The rapper’s next target was Likud Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, who called on the party’s director general to deny Eliasi’s registration, because his views are too far-right for the party. Hanegbi warned that his acceptance would cause “severe damage to the party.” Eliasi, of course, responded, accusing Hanegbi of fascism and noting that Hanegbi himself has been convicted of criminal felonies in the past. “It amazes me that a minister who was convicted of a crime is scolding me,” he said Eliasi and his supporters are confident that when the new rapper officially becomes a party member, his Facebook stardom will be a boost for Likud with young voters. For months now, political pundits have been looking for the Israeli equivalent of Donald Trump…with Eliasi, he might have arrived.

BOOK REVIEW: “The Phone Call That Saved Israel” by Matti Friedman: “The man on the phone, Ashraf Marwan, was an official at the pinnacle of the Egyptian regime, an aide to President Anwar Sadat and the son-in-law of the late, revered leader Gamal Abdel Nasser. He was also a spy for Israel—one whose appearance was the kind of thing “that happens only once in a thousand years,” according to one of the Israeli consumers of his secret reports. The murky man in question, the nature of the game he was playing and the series of events that culminated with his fateful phone call on the eve of the Yom Kippur War, are the subjects of Uri Bar-Joseph’s eye-opening book, “The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel.”… One wonders if Israel’s belief in angels ultimately helped anyone see more clearly in 1973.”[WSJ]

SPORTS BLINK: “Gymnast Aly Raisman is one of top Jewish athletes to watch” by Emily McFarlan Miller: “Raisman, who grew up in a Reform Jewish home, won gold for her floor exercise, performed to the Israeli folk song “Hava Nagila,” during games that coincided with the 40th anniversary of the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches at the 1972 Munich Games.” [RNS]

DESSERT: “Rubin’s may not have served its last knish” by Laura Crimaldi: “Rumors that Rubin’s Kosher Delicatessen has served its last hot pastrami sandwich may be premature. Many longtime customers went to the landmark kosher deli Friday thinking it was their last chance to eat the kugel, potato knishes, and corned beef that Rubin’s has been serving for nearly 90 years. “Priorities in your life change,” the 53-year-old owner Allen Gellerman said. “I don’t want it on my gravestone: ‘He made a great corned beef sandwich.’ ” But people who keep kosher, take heart. Gellerman has sold the deli to an investor who says keeping Rubin’s open is part of his family’s plan to help the Jewish community in Greater Boston.”[BostonGlobe; BostonHerald]

“Your hipster Jewish deli dreams just came true at Mamaleh’s” by Devra First: “Overheard vociferous food-related debate: bagels vs. bialys, the best methods for smoking fish, what a proper celery tonic should taste like. “This one is too earnest,” someone says, sipping the house take. “It tastes too much like actual celery. Dr. Brown’s is better.” “The bialy is light and fluffy,” another guest enthuses. “Well it shouldn’t be,” declares a grump. “It takes guts to open this place,” declares a diner about to bite into an overflowing bagel. “We Jews have opinions about food!” A man with a long beard passes by. “It’s like a Williamsburg parlor game,” someone whispers. “Hipster or Hasid?”” [BostonGlobe]

“A Rabbi Who Keeps Things Kosher at Manischewitz” by Rabbi Aron Yonah Hayum as told to Patricia Olsen: “Q. What do you do at Manischewitz? A. I certify that the products are kosher, or adhere to Jewish law. All ingredients must be kosher, and the equipment must be kosher. If nonkosher food is cooked in a utensil, the utensil must be kashered, or rendered kosher again, by using boiling water or direct steam or flame.” [NYTimes]

“Traditional Jewish cuisine cleverly reinvented in Buenos Aires” by Cynthia Rosenfeld:“Friday, I had been told, is the night to dine at Mishiguene, an eatery in the perennially cool Palermo district serving “gourmet Jewish food” – accompanied on the Sabbath by live klezmer music, an Ashkenazi Jewish cultural tradition. The work of 36-year-old Argentine chef Tomás Kalika, who spent several years cooking at restaurants in Jerusalem and mining his Jewish grandmother’s recipes. Kalika and his business partner Javier Ickowicz named their restaurant after the Yiddish word for someone who is crazy or foolish.” [FinancialTimes]

BIRTHDAYS: Professor Emerita at the Graduate School of the City University of New York and mother of Bill Kristol, Gertrude Himmelfarb turns 94… Actor and two-time Academy Award winner, Dustin Hoffman turns 79… Attorney and White House aide who served as Chief of Staff to both VP Al Gore (1995-1999) and VP Joe Biden (2009-2011). Ron Klain turns 55… Film director whose works include 9 Disney films, Jon Turteltaub turns 53… Elizabeth Gordon… CEO at Connections Media, Jonah Seiger…

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Daily Kickoff: Seth Klarman slams Trump | Athletes visit Israel via Air Adelson | Joseph Wilf passed away at 91 | Profile: Jonah Hill Is No Joke

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GAME CHANGE — “Billionaire Seth Klarman slams Trump, vows to work for Clinton” by Lawrence Delevingne: “Billionaire hedge fund manager Seth Klarman said on Wednesday he would work to get Hillary Clinton elected president because he finds recent comments by Donald Trump “shockingly unacceptable.” “His words and actions over the last several days are so shockingly unacceptable in our diverse and democratic society that it is simply unthinkable that Donald Trump could become our president,” Klarman said of the Republican presidential nominee. Klarman, whose Boston-based investment firm manages $29 billion, is registered as an independent voter. But a review of filings showed that his political giving has largely benefited Republicans over the years, including donations this election cycle to political action committees that supported primary candidates Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio.” [Reuters]

Worth Noting: Klarman is the Chairman of the Board of the Times of Israel. The news site was quick to clarify that Klarman “plays no role in The Times of Israel’s editorial operations.” [ToI]

KAFE KNESSET — The Jabotinsky Day Brawl — by Amir Tibon & Tal Shalev: Last night, the Knesset ended its summer session and 120 lawmakers began vacations that will last until after the Jewish holidays. But before the break, they spent a long night debating two controversial pieces of legislation concerning the Israeli media, which Prime Minister Netanyahu has promoted (they passed). The first delays the launch of the Public Broadcasting Association and the second regulates the Israeli version of C-SPAN, the Knesset Channel. Both bills have been at the top of the agenda in recent weeks.

The debate over Netanyahu’s influence on the media in Israel also took a historical twist yesterday, when the Knesset marked “Jabotinsky Day,” commemorating the death of the Likud Party’s ideological forebear. The special Knesset session in his honor quickly turned into a heated exchange between Netanyahu and opposition leader Isaac Herzog about what Jabotinsky would have thought of today’s Likud.

Netanyahu used the podium to defend his media policies as a democratic attempt to open up monopolies to competition, and to lash out at the left and its recurring criticism of “fascist” trends under his rule. “Fascism is the left’s derogatory name for its enemies,” Netanyahu said, rolling back into Jabotinsky’s history and recalling how David Ben Gurion used to call his right-wing opponent “Vladimir Hitler.” Herzog accused Netanyahu and the Likud of drifting far away from Jabotinsky’s liberal doctrine. “What would Jabotinsky say about a debate within the cabinet aimed at denying the public its right to a free, creative, varied and valued free press?” he asked.

In a rare step, Netanyahu returned to the podium, challenging Herzog with words – “what is your position on opening TV channels for competition? Because I hear it’s a threat to democracy.” Herzog answered that everyone is in support of a free market but not as long as Netanyahu is Minister of Communications and is sending out his “commissars” to silence journalists. All in all, it looks like both sides could use the long vacation…

STATE VISIT — The Omri Casspi Foundation’s annual Israel trip featuring Hollywood celebrities and athletes from the NBA, WNBA and UFC took off yesterday on Air Adelson from Las Vegas. Participants include Actor Jeremy Piven, NBA players Shawn Marion, Amar’e Stoudemire, Beno Udrih, Rudy Gay, Donald Sloan, Chris Copeland, UFC’s Georges St Pierre, WNBA’s Alysha Clark, Mistie Bass, and professional poker player Maria Ho. [GroupPic] • Adelson’s plane [Pic]

NOT VISITING NOW — “Clinton Camp Not Planning Foreign Trip, Citing State Department Experience” by Liz Kreutz: “Don’t get any hopes up for a photo-op of Hillary Clinton at the Western Wall in Jerusalem or shaking hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Clinton campaign has now all but ruled out the possibility of the Democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of state taking a foreign trip between now and Election Day in November, ABC News has learned.” [ABCNews]

“Israeli training course for parents gets a boost from Bill Clinton” by Josh Jackman: Miriam Westheimer, Hippy’s international director, said it was “pretty thrilling” to have a former president speak glowingly about her programme, “but not surprising.” Since the speech on July 27, she said Hippy had received enquiries from authorities in Kenya, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Bermuda about taking the programme to their countries. “It’s exciting to get that level of recognition,” Ms Westheimer said. [TheJC]

“Netanyahu, at variance with Republican platform, tells GOP senators he favors two states” by Eric Cortellessa: “During a meeting with six Republican members of Congress — they were visiting Israel on a fact-finding mission sponsored by the AIPAC-affiliated American Israel Education Foundation — Netanyahu said he wanted to resume talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to reach a comprehensive accord, Montana Sen. Steve Daines said.” [ToI]

Billboard Outside AIPAC HQ: “Left Side • Right Side • United Outside” from the retail company REI[Pic]

U.S., Israel close many gaps in defense aid talks, hope for deal soon — by Matt Spetalnick:“The United States and Israel have closed many of the remaining gaps in negotiations over a new multibillion-dollar military aid package for Washington’s top Middle East ally, and the two sides hope to reach a deal soon, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday. Jacob Nagel, acting head of Israel’s national security council, wrapped up three days of closed-door discussions in Washington over a new 10-year defense pact, including a meeting with U.S. national security adviser Susan Rice.” [Reuters; Haaretz]

Trump’s Israel advisor David Friedman says Trump might meet with Abbas during pre-election trip to Israel: “I think he might. I don’t know. I haven’t had that discussion with him. I think there are good reasons not to and I think there are some reasons not to do it. I’m not sure what the decision will be.” [MediaLine]

“Donald Trump’s man on Israel” by Katie Glueck: “Jason Greenblatt, an observant, yarmulke-wearing real estate lawyer educated at Yeshiva University and New York University School of Law, cares deeply about Israel. But he acknowledges that he hardly has the qualifications or the contacts typical of a presidential nominee’s top policy advisers, especially those advising on an issue as charged and complex as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “To me it’s almost degrading to say, just because you’re Jewish, you know this,” said Lisa Spies, who ran Jewish outreach for Mitt Romney in 2012 and works extensively with pro-Israel donors. “This is degrading to people who actually do this professionally.”

Dr. Rich Roberts on his role with team Trump: “I’m the one charged with writing the policies on the Israel-U.S. relationship, first drafts of them. I’m doing work with many, many experts. Then as I make progress along the way I’m putting it to these two guys [Greenblatt and Friedman] for their comments, edits, changes, approval,” Roberts said, declining to name the experts with whom he has consulted, though noting that he has not consulted AIPAC, the more conservative Zionist Organization of America, or former Israeli Amb. Michael Oren, who now serves in the Israel government but has many American contacts.[Politico]

“Republican Donors Panic As Trump Melts Down” by Tarini Parti & Rosie Gray: “Republican donors weren’t expecting a traditional campaign from Donald Trump, but they weren’t expecting the level of this week’s implosion either. “I don’t know what he’s doing — trying to commit suicide?” said Stan Hubbard, a Minnesota-based top donor to a pro-Trump super PAC. Hubbard said he’s not jumping ship yet, but suggested that if Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson picked up significant momentum, he would be willing to switch over. “It will be interesting to see,” he said. “He was a good governor. He’s not over the top. He’s not loony. If there is some sort of effort, you’re darn right I could.” A top Republican fundraiser, Fred Malek, also said Trump’s actions are “cause for alarm.”” [BuzzFeed]

“Amid GOP distress, Trump gets on message — briefly” by Jeremy Diamond: “For the first 11 minutes of his rally here on Wednesday, Donald Trump sounded like the candidate his campaign advisers and top Republican Party officials wish he would be more often… The Republican nominee turned to slamming President Barack Obama and the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, over a report that the US shipped $400 million to Iran at about the same time Iran released four American prisoners. For several minutes more, he stayed on message, turning the report about the cash flight to Iran into a broader condemnation of Obama and Clinton’s foreign policies — from Clinton’s advocacy for the military intervention in Libya to the dangers of the nuclear deal with Iran.” [CNN]

DEEP DIVE: “Justice Officials Raised Objections on U.S. Cash Payment to Iran” by Devlin Barrett: “The timing and manner of the payment raised alarms at the Justice Department, according to those familiar with the discussions. “People knew what it was going to look like, and there was concern the Iranians probably did consider it a ransom payment,’’ said one of the people… but their objections were overruled by the State Department. The disclosures reignited a political furor over the Iran deal in Washington that could complicate White House efforts to fortify it before Mr. Obama’s term ends.” [WSJ]

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BUSINESS BRIEFS: Israel’s Stock Market May Start Opening Fridays [Bloomberg] • Chief Scientist’s Office to Move Out of Jerusalem, Contrary to Law [Haaretz] • Tel Aviv-based IronSource, Israel’s largest internet company, is in advanced talks to be sold to a Chinese technology firm [TheMarker] • Kushner, CIM and LIVWRK close on Watchtower buy in Dumbo for $340M [RealDeal

TALK OF OUR NATION: “Antisemitic incidents in UK rise 11% in first six months of 2016” by Harriet Sherwood: “Incidents of antisemitism rose by 11% in the first six months of this year compared with the same period in 2015, according to the Community Security Trust. The most common type of incident recorded involved verbal abuse of Jews in public. Other types of antisemitism included graffiti, abuse via social media, threats, damage and desecration of Jewish property and leaflets.”[TheGuardian]

CAMPUS BEAT: “The Middle East Conflict on Campus” by Linda K. Wertheimer: “Whenever Friends of Israel or Hillel staged a lecture or event, it seemed, S.J.P. was there. There had been die-ins (students had to step over bodies on red cloths signifying blood) and checkpoints (mock Israeli soldiers conducted security checks around campus). Friends of Israel had already requested campus security at programs, but after the food festival they filed a complaint with Tufts’s judicial affairs office. “It’s bullying masquerading as social justice,” Anna Linton, co-president of the club, told me.”

“When it comes to the Middle East on campus, the environment is increasingly uneasy and even hostile. Many universities are grappling with how to balance students’ right to protest with Jewish students’ fears that their culture is under attack. Some students say they are ostracized when they show support for Israel, while Palestinian activists talk of being labeled “terrorists,” and finding their photos and names posted on canarymission, a website that tracks professors and students who, it says, promote “hatred of the United States, Israel and Jews.” S.J.P. members insist they are anti-Israel, not anti-Semitic — a debatable distinction to those who cannot separate the state of Israel from their Jewish identity.” [NYTimes]

“In platform, Black Lives Matter accuses Israel of ‘genocide,’ backs BDS” by Eric Cortellessa: “Following the Republican and Democratic national conventions, groups associated with the Black Lives Matter movement released a platform Monday that labels Israel an “apartheid state” and excoriates the United States for its alliance with a country it alleges systemically perpetrates a “genocide” against the Palestinians.” [ToI; JPost]

TALK OF THE TOWN: “Prime Grill’s Allaham Calls Top Rabbi’s Ruling ‘Absurd’” by Hannah Dreyfus: “Noted restaurateur Joey Allaham claimed in a court filing last week that Rabbi Hershel Schachter’s June ruling against him and in favor of Lincoln Square Synagogue was “absurd and irrational.” The two parties had agreed on Rabbi Schachter, a rosh yeshiva at Yeshiva University and a renowned halachic authority, as sole arbitrator (or dayan) of their dispute in February… The latest twist in the protracted legal battle puts the spotlight on the Orthodox Union (OU), the effective third party in the dispute, which currently gives its kashrut certification, or hechsher, to Allaham’s restaurants. A representative from the OU told The Jewish Week in March that the organization would pull its certification from Allaham’s restaurants if he refused to comply with Rabbi Schachter’s ruling.”[JewishWeek]

Heshy Jacob, 71, part of Grand St. power trio: “Harold “Heshy” Jacob, who along with former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and William Rapfogel, former director of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, formed a triumvirate of political influence and power on the Lower East Side, died at the age of 71 last month.” [TheVillager]

REMEMBERING: “Joseph Wilf, father of Vikings owners, dies at age 91” by Mike Florio: “A native of Poland, Joseph and his family were deported by Russian forces to a Siberian labor camp during World War II. After the war ended, Joseph Wilf fled Poland for the portion of Germany occupied by American forces. In 1950, Joseph and his bride immigrated to the United States. Four years later, Joseph Wilf and his brother, Harry, founded a real estate development company named Garden Homes. It grew into one of the largest real estate operations in the United States and Israel. In 2005, Zygi and Mark Wilf purchased the Vikings.” [NBCSports; StarTribune]

HOLLYWOOD LongRead: “Jonah Hill Is No Joke: He’s proved himself as a dramatic
actor. Why isn’t he taken seriously?” by Molly Young: 
“A Jewish Journal profile from 2012 — a rare flattering one — includes a quote from Cantor Yonah Kliger of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, where Hill had his bar mitzvah, describing him as “destined for something great” and “electric” even at 13, reciting his Torah portion in a prayer shawl. Three years after “Huckabees,” Hill co-starred in “Superbad” as a high-schooler who cries, dances, lies, has his heart broken, is struck by a number of vehicles and exchanges tender I-love-yous with Michael Cera’s character in a final scene that still makes me weep in a way that no Pixar movie ever will. This was his breakthrough.” [NYTimesMag]

BIRTHDAYS: President Barack Obama turns 55… Owner of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation Sheldon Adelson turns 83… Executive Director of European Union of Jewish Students, Jonathan Keyson turns 24… Natalie Roberts… Professor of American history at Yeshiva University and Stern College, expert on the history of McCarthyism, Dr. Ellen Schrecker turns 78… Long-time member of the Knesset for Likud (1992-2015) including multiple ministerial positions, Silvan Shalom turns 58…

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Daily Kickoff: Nides, Sherman, Sandberg… for Clinton Cabinet? | MOT Greitens wins MO Gov Primary | Israeli NASCAR driver | Deep-Fried Matzo Balls

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RUMOR MILL: “Insiders game out Clinton’s Cabinet” by Edward-Isaac Dovere: “There was former Rep. Barney Frank telling Vice President Joe Biden he should be Clinton’s Defense secretary (“He made a face,” Frank said, in an interview off the convention floor last week in Philadelphia)… Most people see chief of staff as a choice between Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, and Tom Nides, Clinton’s deputy secretary of state for management… Jake Sullivan, who worked for Clinton at State and then as national security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, is seen as having first dibs on national security advisor if he wants it.”

“Secretary of State: People at the State Department and elsewhere are pulling for Wendy Sherman, the former undersecretary of state for political affairs and key player in the Iran deal, and Bill Burns, a career diplomat who was deputy secretary of state… Treasury Secretary: There’s considerable speculation here that Clinton would try to land Sheryl Sandberg, who spent years at Treasury before heading to Silicon Valley and becoming COO of Facebook, to be the first female Treasury secretary. Gary Gensler, who served in a variety of economic roles for Obama and Bill Clinton and is now CFO for the campaign is seen as wanting the job.” [Politico]

Eli Lake: “Obama’s CIA Director Wants to Stick Around for Clinton” [Bloomberg]

TOP TALKER: “Sources: Trump-world frustrated by their candidate” by Dana Bash, Jim Acosta and Theodore Schleifer: “A knowledgeable Republican source told CNN that some of Trump’s campaign staff — even campaign manager Paul Manafort — “feel like they are wasting their time,” given Trump’s recent comments. And two sources close to the Trump campaign said privately they wished Trump would apologize to the Gold Star family, even though the Khans attacked Trump from the stage at the Democratic National Convention last month.” [CNN]

“Trump refuses to support Paul Ryan, John McCain in upcoming Republican primaries” by Philip Rucker: “With Ryan’s Wisconsin primary scheduled for next Tuesday, Trump praised the House speaker’s underdog opponent, Paul Nehlen, for running “a very good campaign.” Trump said that Ryan has sought his endorsement — an assertion that a Ryan spokesman denied later Tuesday — but that as of now he is only “giving it very serious consideration.” “I like Paul, but these are horrible times for our country,” Trump said. “We need very strong leadership. We need very, very strong leadership. And I’m just not quite there yet. I’m not quite there yet.” [WashPost]

“Donald Trump’s Campaign Might Actually Implode” by Jonathan Chait: “According to Jon Karl, leading Republicans are “actively exploring” how to replace their nominee if he drops out. You can insult entire ethnicities and genders, spout conspiracy theories galore, betray a complete ignorance of every issue a president has to handle, but staying neutral on Paul Ryan’s primary race is an unforgivable offense.” [NYMag]

“George W. Bush Delivers Critique of Donald Trump’s Policies” by Beth Reinhard & Reid Epstein: “Without naming Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, former President George W. Bush delivered an incisive critique of his policies of “isolationism, nativism and protectionism” at a private fundraiser in Cincinnati on Tuesday for Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, according to four people who attended.” [WSJ]

Jewish Veterans Group Condemns Trump for Attack on Khan Family: “There is no place for criticism, stated or implied, of this brave soldier. He served our country. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery along with those of many ethnic backgrounds and religious denominations. They served our country. Mr. Trump did not.” [JewishInsider]

“Hank Johnson continues to catch flak from Jewish groups for ‘termites’ remark” by Tamar Hallerman: “The Atlanta Jewish Times has an editorial out this week blasting the five-term congressman for infuriating the city’s Jewish community “short of going full Cynthia McKinney.” “We fear that the congressman offers much more to worry about than one careless, stupid remark. Unlike McKinney, the woman he defeated 10 years ago to win his seat in Congress, Johnson doesn’t hate Jews, many of whom have been crucial supporters, and he doesn’t spout conspiracy theories accusing Jews or Israelis of carrying out false-flag terrorist attacks. But his attitude toward Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has changed in recent years, and he spoke July 25 as someone who has earned a reputation as a leading congressional critic of Israel.” [AtlantaJournalConstitution

“Leo hosting Clinton event that costs $33K per ticket” by Ted Johnson: “Per the invite, co-hosts along with DiCaprio include Tobey Maguire and his wife, Jennifer, Jennifer Aniston, Yael and Scooter Braun, Shonda Rhimes and Chris Silbermann… The night before, a number of entertainment figures are planning a dinnertime event at the home of Haim and Cheryl Saban. Sources say the list of co-hosts also includes Thomas Tull and wife Alba, Megan and Peter Cherin, Robert Iger and Willow Bay, Casey and Laura Wasserman, Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg and Jon and Ellen Vein.” [PageSix]

MOT: “Eric Greitens wins GOP primary for Missouri Governor” by Gregg Palermo and Chris Regnier: “Greitens, a retired Navy SEAL and one-time Democrat, topped Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, former Missouri House Speaker Catherine Hanaway, and businessman John Brunner in a campaign that featured relatively few demonstrable policy differences among those in the field, but still saw an expensive, and at times bitter campaign that has had national attention for more than a year.” [Fox2NowAP]

Report: “Trump sets up Israeli campaign HQ to secure overseas votes: Trump’s campaign staff in Israel, which will consist of Jewish Israelis, will be appointed by this weekend and is set to begin work on his campaign in the coming days, the report said. Trump also announced he will fly to Israel at the height of his election campaign.” [IsraelHayom]

Marc Zell tells us: “The only Republican campaign in Israel to my knowledge is Republicans Overseas Israel of which I am Co- Chair.”

Mike Pence during town hall in Tucson, Arizona: “I have a term for Israel: She is not our ally in the Middle East; she is our most cherished ally in the world. In these times when we see Libya imploding, Syria imploding, Iraq coming apart – because of the policies of this administration, I promise you [that] when Donald Trump becomes president there will be two things the world knows: number one is they will again know America stands with strength, and number two, if the world knows nothing else, it will know this: America stands with Israel.” [JewishInsider

Michael Oren speaks to JPost’s Lahav Harkov about his new position as deputy minister and special envoy to the PM: “Asked whether his appointment to a diplomatic position could cause tensions with the US, in light of past issues when he was ambassador and statements he wrote that were interpreted as opposing the current administration, Oren gave an emphatic no. He said that after the 2012 election, when Netanyahu was accused of supporting Republican nominee Mitt Romney, he is especially careful to not say anything that looks like he is intervening in this year’s vote. Oren recently turned down a meeting with Republican nominee Donald Trump in order to avoid appearing to be involved. At the same time, Oren pointed to a campaign ad for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, in which he is quoted as calling her “formidable and indefatigable,” saying her campaign is touting him as a supporter.” [JPost]

DEEP DIVE: “U.S. Sent Cash to Iran as Americans Were Freed” by Jay Solomon and Carol Lee: “The Obama administration secretly organized an airlift of $400 million worth of cash to Iran that coincided with the January release of four Americans detained in Tehran, according to U.S. and European officials and congressional staff briefed on the operation afterward. Wooden pallets stacked with euros, Swiss francs and other currencies were flown into Iran on an unmarked cargo plane, according to these officials. Iranian press reports have quoted senior Iranian defense officials describing the cash as a ransom payment.” [WSJ]

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BUSINESS BRIEFS: Apple Music continues expansion, now rolling out to users in Israel [9to5MacMacRumors] • Israel’s SolidRun creates open networking kit inspired by Raspberry Pi [VentureBeat]• Infosys invests $4 million in Israel’s Cloudyn [Tech2]

STARTUP SPOTLIGHT: “How this French digital signage company landed in Crown Heights” by Jen Glantz: “Jacob Layani never had plans to call Brooklyn his home. Seven years ago, he moved to from France to Crown Heights to go to a Lubavitch rabbinical school and then got his finance degree at Touro College, a Jewish-oriented college near the Flatiron District. Since he was a kid, Layani, now 26, had watched his father, Jean-Pierre Layani, build his business, CrownTV, a digital signage software company. Headquartered in Lyon, CrownTV works with businesses like banks, doctor offices and restaurants. After he graduated, Layani called his father and declared, “I’m bringing CrownTV to Brooklyn.”” [

LongRead: “Who are real estate’s quiet money backers?” by E.B. Solomont: “For nearly 30 years I have been asked to find the ‘dumb billionaire’ family office,” Simon Ziff told The Real Deal. “Generally, successful family offices have access to the best intelligence.” Some of those players today include Israeli diamond magnate Beny Steinmetz, who frequently bankrolls projects by HFZ Capital’s Ziel Feldman, and Morad Ghadamian, who regularly partners with developer Joseph Moinian and made his fortune importing rugs. The Cohen family, which founded Duane Reade, is also heavily invested in New York real estate as are the Gindis, who own the discount department store Century 21.” [RealDealMag]

MEDIA WATCH: “How Jeff Zucker Made CNN Great Again” by Ramin Setoodeh: “CNN’s comeback story is a dual narrative, for both its leader and its employees. Many staff members talk about CNN as two distinct epochs: pre- and post-Zucker. They say that morale was low before, whereas now everybody is invigorated. “He’s changed the attitude at CNN,” says anchor Erin Burnett. “Everyone feels that they can win.” Not the least of whom is Zucker.” [Variety]

SPORTS BLINK: “The controversial prayer that is helping one man become the first Jewish Israeli NASCAR driver” by Billy Hallowell: “A 24-year-old man from the Middle East is slated to potentially make history as the first-ever Israeli NASCAR driver, and some of the unique details surrounding his path to upcoming U.S. competitions are capturing headlines. Day, who is Jewish, is also part of the 2016 NASCAR Next program — an effort to promote new racing talent.” [DeseretNewsUSAToday]

“Israeli club ups offer for D.C. United’s Steve Birnbaum, but …” by Steven Goff: “Maccabi Tel Aviv has increased its offer for D.C. United defender Steve Birnbaum to $1.5 million, the Insider has learned, but the timing does not make much sense for the MLS club.” [WashPost]

“Beitar Jerusalem’s La Familia gets rubbed out” by Sam Petterson: “Beitar Jerusalem was founded in 1938 and has become one of Israel’s most storied and successful teams. The team is a vestige of an era when Israeli sports were intensely political, when funding local soccer teams was another form of community organizing for the predominant political parties. Teams linked to Israel’s Labor movement had the prefix “Hapoel,” center-right teams the prefix “Maccabi,” and teams of the revisionist right “Beitar.” There’s no equivalent in the United States. Sports rivalries here are geographic, with loyalty to the local team often the only thing that could unify an arch-conservative with an ultra-liberal.” [HowlerMagazine]

VIRAL: “Dude playing Matisyahu song doesn’t realize Matisyahu is right in front of him” by Chloe Bryan: “In a new video, a kid in Maui, Hawaii is playing his own rendition of “One Day,” a song by rapper Matisyahu — completely unaware that the original artist is standing right in front of him.” [Mashable]

DESSERT: “The NY State Fair’s first kosher food stand: Deep-fried matzo balls, anyone?” by Don Cazentre: “The New York State Fair is going kosher — in one food stand, at least. That means Jewish favorites like blintzes, knishes and matzo balls are going to get the old deep-fried treatment. The Oaks at Menorah Park has been named the fair’s first certified kosher food operator, acting fair director Troy Waffner said.” [NewYorkUpstate]

BIRTHDAYS: Retired Head Coach of both the NFL’s KC Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Marv Levy turns 91… English actor, author, playwright and theatre director, known for his roles as the villain in both James Bond and Rambo films, Steven Berkoff turns 79… Political journalist, a Rhodes Scholar and Editor-in-Chief of Slate Group, Jacob Weisberg turns 52… Former aide to Senator Chuck Schumer, then senior adviser to President Clinton at the White House and thereafter, political and policy consulant, Tom Freedman… New York Daily News opinion editor, Josh Greenman… Ariana Kaufman… House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Senior Policy Advisor, Jeffrey Dressler…

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