Famil.io a new Israel based service is like a Dropbox for memories

familiologoFamil.io, a new Israel based service for privately sharing photos and videos with your family across web and mobile, is today officially launching to the public, according to Tech Crunch.

The sharing platform can serve as a complement to Facebook, where most families network today, though in a more restrained fashion. Or for those family members who aren’t even active on Facebook, Famil.io can, to some extent, serve as a replacement.

The service works online, or as a web browser extension (initially for Chrome), and on iOS or Android. This cross-platform support was critical for Famil.io, CEO Iftach Yair explains.


Yair joined Famil.io, which is being incubated within Israel’s lool.vc, around six months ago to help co-founder Iftach (yes, also!) Orr bring the product to the market. Lool.vc operates in a similar manner to Betaworks here in the U.S., in that it funds and incubates startups, providing them with office space, resources and support.


“I took the basic project that was running and made a lot of changes in it,” explains Yair.  ”The major one was to take Famil.io from a destination site and an app, into a cross-platform, cross-generation product,” he says. “In order to make this product work, you have to make it agnostic of the platform or devices that your family is using. If you’re going to build a product for iPhones or Android, and look away from the desktop, then you’ll be leaving a good chunk of your family aside, and that will make your product unsuccessful,” Yair adds.

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Tech Crunch: Private Photo And Video Sharing Service For Families, Famil.io, Is Like A Dropbox For Memories

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