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Jewish Insider Daily Kickoff – Nov. 11

Israel Lobbies U.S. Against Accord – Israel escalated its campaign against the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran, turning to a U.S. domestic audience to pressure the White House for a tougher deal before the next round of talks with world powers. [WSJ]

Top Talker – Iran talks complicate U.S. push on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations – by Josh Gerstein: “President Barack Obama’s push to cut a deal with Iran over that country’s nuclear program could spell doom for his other Mideast priority: settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s angry reaction to the prospect of a short-term pact with Tehran is virtually certain to put an even bigger chill on already languishing U.S.-led Israeli-Palestinian talks, and the timing could make things even more difficult.” [Politico]

Aaron David Miller OpEd – Why the US and Israel are split over the Iran deal: “The failure of the P5+1 (the United States, United Kingdom, France, China, Russia plus Germany) to reach agreement with Iran Saturday in Geneva is a good thing if it allows the United States and Israel to sort out what really divides them on the Iranian nuclear issue before negotiations resume in coming days.” [CNN]

Mutual Distrust: In a Sunday NYTimes article “Obama’s Portable Zone of Secrecy (Some Assembly Required)” a former US senior intelligence official reveals that the C.I.A. was particularly insistent that George Tenet, CIA director from 1997 to 2004, use the tent in Israel because it has some of the most sophisticated spying software. “We would get especially concerned when our Israeli hosts wanted to reserve the hotel rooms for us at the King David,” the official said, referring to a famous hotel in Jerusalem.” [NYTimes]

Top Tweeter – Geneva was a fiasco. Mike Doran tweets 8 reasons why: [JewishInsider]

Jackson Diehl OpEd – “John Kerry’s Middle East dream world”: [WashingtonPost]

Dennis Ross – Obama’s Special Assistant from 2009-11 – writes in an OpEd – “US should tell Iran that even tougher sanctions will be imposed if final nuclear deal falls through” [Telegraph]

Capitol Focus: Iran

Graham Expects Congress to Push for New Iran Sanctions: “Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) said Sunday he expects Congress will push for a new round of sanctions on Iran and also outline acceptable conditions for a deal, after international negotiations failed this weekend to reach a deal halting the country’s nuclear program.” [Wall Street Journal]

John Kerry to brief Senators on Iran: “Secretary of State John Kerry will brief the Senate Banking Committee in the coming day on the progress of diplomatic talks with Iran, a committee aide said Sunday night. The committee’s chairman, Tim Johnson (D-S.D.), will not decide whether his panel will pursue additional economic penalties to Iran until after hearing what Kerry has to say and consulting with other senators.” [Politico]

Sen. Mark Kirk – Iran’s Deal of the Century: A deal that undermines sanctions and doesn’t stop a future with Iranian nuclear weapons. [Chart]

Sen. Marco Rubio – Stalemate In Iran Nuclear Talks Makes Clear More Sanctions Needed: [Press Release]

2016 Watch – Elizabeth Warren 2016 is Hillary Clinton’s Nightmare – by @NoamScheiber in the New Republic: Foreign Policy? “Hillary would cast Warren as an untested novice with little expertise outside financial issues. Unlike Obama, who at least had Iraq and a tour on the Foreign Relations Committee to neutralize charges of naïveté, Warren would be exceedingly vulnerable. One Democratic donor who is active on Israel policy and considers himself a liberal Zionist had long admired Warren when he finally spoke with her in 2011. He came away from the conversation thinking “she would have to be careful on her Middle East politics.” The donor doesn’t recall Warren saying anything he would disagree with substantively, but the phrasing seemed inartful. “You don’t want people to have an excuse to go after you,” says the donor. Clinton’s infamous “3 a.m.” ads would write themselves.” [New Republic]

Israel Sends Emergency Response Team To Philippines After Deadly Typhoon: [Forward]

The Annual Forbes Israel List of Wealthiest Rabbis is Out – (in hebrew) [Forbes]

Iranian deputy industry minister shot dead in Tehran: [Reuters]

AP Wire – Hamas Appoints First Spokeswoman: “The Hamas government of the Gaza Strip has for the first time appointed a woman to represent it to the world. The hiring of Isra Almodallal as a spokeswoman for the territory’s conservative Islamist rulers is part of a long-running push by the group, which has at times sought to curb women’s freedoms, to present a newer friendlier face both to its own citizens and internationally.” [Associated Press]

Edwin Black Investigation – How American taxpayers are funding Palestinian terrorism: “It may astound many that American taxpayers are deploying their precious dollars in Israel not just to pay for peace but to fund terrorism. Each year, American aid and financial programs fungibly fund terrorist salaries paid by the Palestinian Authority. This astonishing financial dynamic is known to most Israeli leaders and Western journalists in Israel. But it is still a shock to most in Congress, who are unaware that US money going to the Palestinian Authority is regularly diverted to a program that systematically rewards terrorists with generous salaries. These transactions blatantly violate American laws that prohibit any US funding from benefiting terrorists. More than that, they grandly incentivize murder and terror.

–Here’s how the system works. When a Palestinian is convicted of an act of terror against the Israeli government or innocent civilians, such as a bombing or a murder, that convicted terrorist automatically receives a generous salary from the Palestinian Authority. The salary is specified by the Palestinian Law of the Prisoner and administered by the PA’s Ministry of Prisoner Affairs. A Palestinian watchdog group, the Prisoners Club, ensures the PA’s compliance with the law and pushes for payments as a prioritized expenditure. This means that even during frequent budget shortfalls and financial crisis, the PA pays the terrorists’ salaries first and foremost — before other fiscal obligations.” [TOI]

StartUp Nation – On The Same Day He Took His Company Public, Israeli Wix CEO Also Sold A Startup For $130 Million: “Wednesday was a golden day for Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami, co-founder and CEO of Wix, a Tel Aviv-based company that offers a do-it-yourself website hosting service. The same day he took Wix public, selling almost 500,000 of his shares and pocketing about $8 million, he also sold a startup that he had invested in (and was on the board of), Soluto.” [BusinessInsider]

Oscar is a Jewish-owned startup health insurer trying to adapt the industry to an Obamacare world: “Obamacare is changing every aspect of the healthcare system, leaving an opening for startups willing to innovate alongside it. This new insurance offering takes advantage of the focus on consumers under the new law, improving the frustrating process of vetting and securing policies, managing care and handling claims.” [Upstart Business Journal]

The (Jewish) Standouts of Private Equity: “The Great Separation has arrived in private equity. For a long stretch, investors barely distinguished among the publicly traded stocks ofApollo Global Management, the Blackstone Group, the Carlyle Group and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. There now appears to be a noticeable appreciation for the differences. It should be a welcome change even if it reflects some short-term thinking about a long-term business.” [Dealbook]

Real Estate RoundUp

Retail Space Said to Be Linked to Iran Gets Lease Deal: “For five years, the U.S. government has been fighting in court to try to seize a trophy Midtown Manhattan skyscraper it says is secretly owned by the Iranian government. Now, less than two months after the U.S. won a key ruling in the battle, a court monitor has signed a long-term lease for the retail space in the 36-story tower to a venture including one of the city’s top landlords.” [WSJNewYork]

Problematic Midtown NYC Crane Comes Down at Barnett’s One57: “After a string of mishaps, a crane on 57th Street in Manhattan came down Sunday. Crews worked through the morning to remove the boom and the rig which was being used in the construction of a luxury highrise known as One57.” [NBC]

Jewish Hoteliers Fight Over Columbus Circle Property: “Ever since the surprising and swift split this summer between two boutique hotel companies, Thompson Hotels of New York and Joie de Vivre of California, very little information has leaked out about the reasons for the divorce. But there are signs that the split poses business challenges for the Pomeranc Group, which founded Thompson Hotels in 2001 and is led by Jason Pomeranc, his brothers Michael and Lawrence, and Stephen Brandman. Thompson and Joie de Vivre merged in 2011, forming Commune Hotels & Resorts. John Pritzker, whose family founded the Hyatt hotel chain, was an investor. Thompson brought more than a dozen properties to the deal, including the famed Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Now, Commune Hotels operates the vast majority of the combined 30 hotels and Pomeranc has just four. But one of them, 6 Columbus in midtown Manhattan, is at the center of a dispute over who should manage the property, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.” [Crains Business]

Viral Siren – New Haven Rabbi finds $98,000 Cash in a desk he bought on Craigslist – AND RETURNS IT TO ORIGINAL OWNER: [WTNH]

Book Review: ‘My Promised Land’ by Ari Shavit: “In “My Promised Land,” his first book in English, Mr. Shavit charts Israel’s history partly through the lives of his pioneering forebears: His grandfather, Herbert’s son, was a Cambridge-educated pedagogue who helped develop Israel’s education system, while his father was a chemist at the eye of Israel’s nuclear program. The result is roughly equal parts personal and family memoir, Israeli history, and prophecies for the land’s future. It is one of the most nuanced and challenging books written on Israel in years.” [Wall Street Journal]

Veterans Day Today – soon-to-retire Army chaplain, Rabbi Eli Seidman, reflects on career: “In another two months, I will conclude my military career. That career stretched over eight years of active duty as a chaplain in the Army, and another 16 years in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. I enjoyed every minute of it. I do, however, recognize that the Army of 2013 is very different from the Army I joined way back in 1987.

–Today’s chaplains need to be soldiers, both technically and tactically. They need to be able to wear both hats well — of religious leader and of soldier. I wish them well, and I will miss them. I will miss the people, who take the Army as a concept and make it real. They are like the hooks in the mishkan (tabernacle) that held the walls together and allowed the entire structure to stand and function. I will miss the sights and sounds and feelings of soldiers training to be ready to do their jobs under the stress of combat, while hoping and praying that it never comes. I am proud that I had the opportunity to serve. G-d bless America.” [Jewish Chronicle]

A single-handed and wholehearted American IDF soldier: [TimesOfIsrael]

Holocaust Survivor Ensured Nazi Horrors Were Told – Samuel Goetz Died at Age 85 at his home in Los Angeles: “Samuel Goetz, a Holocaust survivor, made it his mission in the U.S. to publicize the Nazis’ atrocities after the emergence of revisionist and denial literature in the 1970s.” [WSJ]

Sunday Routine Profile | Laurie M. Tisch – Love Is Giants Blue: “Ever since her father, Preston Robert Tisch, bought half of the New York Giants in 1991, Laurie M. Tisch, 62, has spent fall Sundays in the owners’ box at the team’s stadium. There she can be seen jumping out of her front-row seat to cheer a touchdown in her Giants-blue blazer, custom Giants-blue cowboy boots and chunky 2011 Super Bowl ring. Indeed, Ms. Tisch — who lives on the Upper East Side with her Tibetan terrier, Lucy — has raised a true-blue Giants family. She is often joined at the game by her two grown daughters, Carolyn Tisch Blodgett and Emily Tisch Sussman, and her son-in-law, William Wilson Blodgett, as well as by her mother, Joan H. Tisch. The rest of Ms. Tisch’s week is devoted to supporting the causes she cares about through her Illumination Fund, founded in 2007, which aims to increase access and opportunity for New Yorkers in areas like the arts and nutrition.

—”The thing about the Giants box is my father bought half of the New York Giants 22 years ago and he loved it, and he had political people and heads of educational institutions and friends — it was like the sports version of the Regency power breakfast, the people that he liked to be around. Since my father passed away [in 2005], I share the box with my mother and brothers and try to have the same mix of people. Business has been done there. I might have John Rhea, chairman of the New York City Housing Authority, with Andy Ackerman, executive director of the Children’s Museum. They have done a deal opening some ancillary shelters programming.” [NYTimes]

Thats all folks, have a great Monday! 

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