Gary Bauer: Why I Support Israel

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Must Read – Gary Bauer: Why I Support Israel – The following is adapted from a speech entitled Why I Support Israel that was given by well-known conservative leader Gary Bauer in Washington, DC at the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) convention. Bauer is the President of American Values, Chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, and an Executive Board Member of Christians United for Israel:

The people of Israel love what we love and honor what we honor. Israel is built on the rule of law. Their Declaration of Independence is modeled after ours. We are joined at the heart. The only memorial in the Middle East to honor 3,000 innocent Americans brutally murdered on the morning of 9/11 is in Israel. As crowds in the West Bank and Gaza rushed into the streets to celebrate the murderous attack of 9/11, Israelis mourned with us, lowered their flag as we lowered ours, and wept with us. If you want to pay your respects at a memorial to John F. Kennedy, you can do it right over the Potomac in Arlington National Cemetery or you can go to the JFK memorial outside of Jerusalem. You can go to Philadelphia and see the Liberty Bell, or you can visit, not one, but two, replicas of it in Israel. You can honor Martin Luther King Jr., on Martin Luther King Day in January here in the U.S., and you can honor him in Israel, the same day, because they observe it there, too.

Christians United for Israel, and men and women like you, are walking a trail blazed by great American heroes, who also supported Israel. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin wanted the symbol of our new republic to be Moses, leading the Jewish people to the Promised Land. The founders of our great country, to a man, were restorationists; they wanted Jews around the world to be restored to their historical land. Harry Truman told the U.S. State Department to go to Hell and recognized modern Israel 11 seconds after its re-creation as a modern nation. Ronald Reagan said we had no greater ally. Abraham Lincoln told his friends that he wanted to visit the home of the Jews after he left the presidency, but an assassin’s bullet ended his life before he could. Bobby Kennedy defended Israel and was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist, Sirhan Sirhan.

From Israel came the patriarchs, including Abraham, who saw G-d in a burning furnace. And, Sarah who by faith conceived. Isaac, through whom came the Jewish nation. Israel gave us Moses who chose suffering with his own people rather than the riches of pharaoh’s house. Moses, who led his people across the Red Sea to the land promised to them by G-d. I choose Israel because I want to stand with Gideon, Samson, David, Samuel and the prophets who conquered kingdoms, enforced justice, received promises, survived the mouths of lions, felled giants, and put foreign armies to flight. I stand with Israel because they gave us their General Barak who defeated the Canaanite oppressors and united the tribes, and because of Gideon, who did not seek self-glorification, but rather the glorification of G-d. And I choose Israel because I remember the millions who perished in Hitler’s furnaces, whose skins were made into lamp shades, whose bones were crushed and blood was shed at Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Krakow and 15,000 labor, death and concentration camps. And I stand with Israel because of the seven million Jews who live today in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Judea and Samaria, and are surrounded by millions of fanatics who lust for their blood and want a second holocaust. I support Israel because I don’t want murderous Islamists dancing on the Via Delarosa. I don’t want to see Jewish graves desecrated, the Western Wall defiled and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher turned into a garbage dump. Israel guarantees religious freedom, the Palestinian extremists do not.

Why do I support Israel? You may as well ask me why I choose good over evil. On one side of the divide is Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic jihad, al Qaeda and the Taliban; mothers who strap bombs on their innocent children and send them to kill the Jews. There is intolerance, injustice, sharia law, and crowds chanting death to America. There are holocaust deniers and Hitler wannabes, U.N. bureaucrats and E.U. appeasers. Their culture worships death, where women are treated like cattle and Yasser Arafat is a hero. On the other side is the only Jewish nation in the world, the apple of G-d’s eye, and one of the pillars of Judeo Christian civilization, our most reliable ally in the Middle East, a people who tell their children to love life, not death, the land where the patriarchs lived, a country that believes in freedom and tolerance, who have turned a desert into an oasis of progress and achievement. It may be a tough call for the U.N. and State Department bureaucrats, for Jimmy Carter and the religious left, the man in the oval office and the legions of the confused, but it is not a tough call for me – I choose Israel, yesterday, today and tomorrow.” [JP Updates]

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