Zack Galifianakis shows up at Jewish owned comedy club

The New York Post reports Zack Galifianakis showed up at a NYC comedy club, called Stand Up NY, where Galifianakis used to work as a night manager.

Jewish club owner Dani Zoldan had posted the following on Facebook.



And lo and behold, “he came in!” Spies at the Upper West Side club said that the burly comic actor arrived alone, and “spent some time at the bar, then stood in the back watching the show,” which included Greg Warren, Joe List and Ryan Reiss. “No one bothered him, let alone realized it was him.” The club’s managers then asked Galifianakis if he’d like to take the stage himself, but he declined to be in the spotlight. “He said the club looked better than when he used to work there,” a spy cracked. “He hadn’t been to the club in at least four-plus years.” The actor’s been in town promoting his third “Hangover” movie with Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms. He had an early wake -up call to appear on “Today” yesterday, where he was interviewed then also crashed a Martha Stewart segment.

Dani Zoldan and his brother Ari were recently profiled by Yeshiva University Alumni News.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Dani spotted a prestigious but rundown comedy club for sale on the Upper West Side, near the home he shares with his wife and daughter, and quickly called an old friend, Gabriel Waldman ’08W, who is an amateur stand-up comic. “Let’s buy the club and renovate it,” Zoldan suggested to him. The two soon became proud co-owners of Stand Up New York, which draws high-profile comedians such as Chris Rock and Susie Essman.


Asked how he manages his time, Dani said, despite being a free spirit and owner of a trendy club in the city that never sleeps, organized workdays and eight hours of sleep each night allow him to wear all those hats. “I wouldn’t be happy working in a 9-to-5 job or in a more traditional career like law or medicine,” he said. “I’ve always felt the need to do my own thing.”

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